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Works of Arno C. Gaebelein - 17 vol

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Arno C. Gaebelein, evangelist, author, journalist, and Bible expositor, for more than half a century passionately proclaimed the prophetic truths of the Bible and daily lived with the hope of their fulfillment.

Led by The Annoted Bible - 9 Volumes, a verse-by-verse commentary on the whole Bible, this collection contains everything needed to jump-start your biblical prophecy study! From diving deep into the Prophet Daniel's weighty words, to the faith-filled examples from Ezekiel. Gaebelein tackles each as a studied theologian from a strong dispensationalist vantage point analyzing carefully how they foretell the future.

Included in t his collection:

The Annotated Bible - 9 vol 

A "passage by passage" commentary on the whole Bible. It was originally published in nine volumes from 1913 

Gaebelein taught the Bible always with an eye towards prophecy, and his commentary bears this out. His analysis and exposition were so well-regarded in his time that C.I. Scofield enlisted Gaebelein's help in providing the basis for prophetic material in his Reference Bibleand Gaebelein's writings will be found in many other well-known commentaries such as Harry Ironside's Matthew.

The Prophet Daniel: A Key to the Visions and Prophecies of the Book of Daniel

An in-depth look at the book and authorship of Daniel. Indeed, it is arguably one of the most thorough works on the subject. In addition to the prophecies contained, it also takes a close look at the life of Daniel, as well as the authenticity of the book which he penned. 

The Prophet Ezekiel: An Analytical Exposition 

An in-depth look at the book and authorship of Ezekiel. Often regarded as one of the most objective and thorough looks at eschatology through Ezekiel. Gaebelein provides many historical references and points of interest that are invaluable to the reader.

Studies in Zechariah: An Analytical Exposition 

An in-depth look at the book and authorship of Zechariah.

Harmony of the Prophetic Word

This is a classic work on prophecy concerning mostly the second coming of Christ. Gaebelein also dissects the great prophetic epochs, key symbols, and noteworthy historical events.

Studies in Prophecy 

As a biblical response to World War I and the crisis of faith it inspired, Studies in Prophecy looks at the relentless truth of God's Word in the face of grief and loss.

The Lord of Glory: Meditations on the Person, the Work and Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ

An uplifting work concerning the majesty of Jesus Christ. Gaebelein looks at scriptures that encourage believers about their savior in a fresh way.

The Work of Christ: Past, Present and Future

An in-depth look at the work of Christ in three distinct ways and times, both personally and in the Church at large.

The Holy Spirit in the New Testament 

An exegetical examination of every New Testament reference to the Spirit of God.

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Works of Arno C. Gaebelein - 17 vol

Works of Arno C. Gaebelein - 17 vol

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