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Since its founding in 1988 as a developer and publisher of Bible study software for the personal computer, Biblesoft has been the market leader in product innovation and ease of function.

BIBLESOFT's vision is to develop and make available to every Christian believer the most powerful, authoritative and easiest-to-use Bible-centric, computer-based tools, resources and materials that will enable them to grow deeper in both their relationship with God, Jesus and their knowledge of His Word.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Trusted content and tools
  • 30-days money back guarantee on all Libraries


I use my copy of PC Study Bible virtually every working day in my study. I have used Logos and BibleWorks in the past, but now the only one I am using is PC Study Bible. I find it the most helpful, and certainly the most user friendly. It is a pleasure and blessing to use the program. Thank you.

R. Larry Overstreet 
Professor Emeritus
Northwest Baptist Seminary
Tacoma, WA

With PC Study Bible, at the click of a mouse I am able to compare many different translations, see the original Hebrew or Greek as it was written, pull up the definition to any word I might find compelling, and see all the different ways it has been translated in the Bible...all at the same time...just like you said I would be able to do! And all of this capability is at my fingertips so that I can complete my study in a fraction of the time it used to take me to look things up manually.

Plano, TX