Contemporary Christian Classics Collection (33 vol.)

Put Some Power Into Your Bible Study or Small Group with this Collection of Contemporary Christian Faith Classics with Study Aids! NOW INCLUDES COPELAND'S STUDY GUIDES!


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Put Some Power Into Your Bible Study, or Small Group, with this Collection of Contemporary Christian Faith Classics with Study Aids!

The collection includes a wealth of Bible study and small group content you can use to start a successful small group or improve the effectiveness of your current small group.

If you have been inspired by Christian authors such as Eugene H. Peterson, Bill Hybels, Rebecca Manley Pippert and Paul Little for their no-nonsense approach to living out faith principles – here's a collection of their “best-of” titles to add to your PC Study Bible library.

The core titles, found in the Christian Basics Collection, are unmatched in their ability to get new believers started in the right direction, as well as remind mature Christians of timeless lessons in faith and its application. The studies are based on award-winning contemporary classics such as Rebecca Manley Pippert's Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World, and Paul Little's Know Why You Believe. Both of these titles were recently named by Christianity Today readers to a list of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals!

Contemporary Christian Classics includes:

Study Guides and Outlines -

Copeland Group Study Guides and Outlines 
by Mark Copeland

A $69.95 value!

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Mark Copeland's study guides are the perfect compliment to any small group, personal study, or sunday school. Copeland takes care to be intentionally non-sectarian and focus heavily on scripture, not filler. With over 1,000 guides and outlines, this package contains enough material to keep your group focused on God's word for many enriching studies to come. Covering entire books of the Bible and many topics such as ApologeticsThe Flesh and Spirit, and Evanglism Made Personal.


  • Bible Study Guides - Over 250 Bible study guides for 22 books of the Bible. Each guide covers a Bible book from beginning to end and contains a verse-by-verse outline with corresponding Q&A.
  • Topical Study Guides - Covering over 50 different topics, with multiple lessons per topic. Includes lessons such as Evidence for the Historical Existence of Jesus, Principles of Prayer, and The Deity of the Holy Spirit
  • Sermon Guides - Over 700 easy-to-follow sermon outlines on over 22 books of the Bible. Each guide includes a fact-packed scripture-focused introduction of the text followed by a complete verse-by-verse outline and notable points.

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Christian Basics Collection

Run With the Horses Run with the Horses
by Eugene Peterson

Includes FREE Study Guide: Excellence: Run with the Horses Study Guide

If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses? Jeremiah 12:5

We all long to live life at its best – to fuse freedom and spontaneity with purpose and meaning. Why then do we often find our lives so humdrum, so routine and lacking adventure? Or else so frantic and full of activity, but still devoid of fulfillment? How do we learn to risk, to trust, to pursue wholeness and excellence – to run with the horses in the jungle of life?

In a series of profound reflections on the life of Jeremiah the prophet, Eugene Peterson explores the heart of what it means to be fully and genuinely human. His writing is filled with humor and self-reflection, insight and wisdom, helping to set a course for others in the quest for life at its best

Long Obedience in the Same Direction A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
by Eugene Peterson

Includes FREE Study Guide: Perseverance: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Tucked away in the Hebrew Psalter, Peterson discovered "an old dog-eared songbook," the Songs of Ascents that were sung by pilgrims on their way up to worship in Jerusalem. In these songs (Psalms 120-134) Peterson finds encouragement for modern pilgrims as we learn to grow in worship, service, joy, work, happiness, humility, community and blessing.

This 20th anniversary edition of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction features these Psalms in Peterson's widely acclaimed paraphrase, The Message.

Never Beyond Hope Never Beyond Hope
by J. I. Packer & Carolyn Nystrom

Includes FREE Study Guide: Hope: Never Beyond Hope

From the life and death of Samson to Peter's denial of Jesus, the Bible is filled with stories of people who wanted to serve God but frequently failed. And yet God still worked through these men and women for his purposes and glory. Through God's power, their points of weakness became their greatest strengths.

In Never Beyond Hope, J. I. Packer offers his pastoral wisdom, exploring the stories of eight imperfect people portrayed in the Bible. Packer and Nystrom show you how their struggles and triumphs relate to your own experiences and highlights how God works despite your mistakes.

Tyranny of the Urgent Tyranny of the Urgent
by Charles Hummel

Includes FREE Study Guide:Priorities: Tyranny of the Urgent

Have you ever wished for a 30 hour day? Every week we leave a trail of unfinished tasks. Unanswered letters, unvisited friends and unread books haunt our waking moments. These studies are designed to help you put your life back in order by discovering what is really important. Find out what God's priorities are for you. Charles Hummel, former director of faculty ministries for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, excels at providing biblically practical helps that have aided and grounded countless thousands for decades. He is also the author of TYRANNY OF THE URGENT, a booklet which can be used as a companion text to this Bible study guide.

My Heart, Christ's Home My Heart Christ's Home
by Robert Boyd Munger

Includes FREE Study Guide:Commitment: My Heart Christ's Home

During the past fifty years, more than ten million readers have enjoyed Robert Boyd Munger's spiritually challenging meditation on Christian discipleship.

Imagine what it would be like to have Jesus come to the home of our hearts. Munger's classic story takes you on a room-by-room journey considering what Christ desires for us. In the living room we prepare to meet Christ daily. In the dining room we examine together what appetites should and should not control us. We even explore the closets in our lives that Christ can help us clean out.

A Heart for God Developing A Heart for God
by Rebecca Manley Pippert

Includes FREE Study Guide: Transformation: Developing A Heart for God

Shepherd boy with slingshot, brave warrior, poet-musician, deceitful adulterer, repentant sinner, beloved king, “a man after God's own heart.”

David faced some desperate circumstances and some tough choices. So do you, day by day. In this book Rebecca Manley Pippert shows how you, like David, can choose the good, find hope and grow to be one who is known as having a heart for God.

Know Why You Believe Know Why You Believe
by Paul Little

Listed in 2006 with Christianity Today'stop 50 books that have shaped evangelicals!

Includes FREE Study Guide: Certainty: Know Why You Believe

Here are time-tested answers for questions such as:·

  • Do science and Scripture conflict?
  • Are miracles possible?
  • Is Christian experience real?
  • Why does God allow suffering and evil?

A million people have already found clear and reasonable responses to the toughest intellectual challenges posed to Christian's today. This edition, revised and updated by Marie Little in consultation with experts in science and archaeology, provides twenty-first-century information and offers solid ground for those who are willing to search for truth. Including a study guide for individuals or groups.

Too Busy Not to Pray Too Busy Not to Pray
by Bill Hybels

Includes FREE Study Guide:Prayer: Too Busy Not to Pray

Most of us have trouble finding time to pray. There's just too many competing things – good and necessary things to do. And then the crises hit! Time for prayer seems an impossible luxury.

As a pastor, Bill Hybels knows hundreds of people with schedules like this. Yet in his own life he has made the hard discovery that prayer doesn't happen on the run. He decided he was too busy not to pray. This accessible introduction to prayer has already helped many Christians develop a rich and regular prayer life in the midst of life's busyness. Now, in this revised and expanded 10th anniversary edition, he includes new insights from his years of ministry and his own spiritual journey. He shows how to slow down to pray, listen to God, respond to what is heard, practice the presence of God, and overcome prayer barriers. This practical book offers the resources you need for growing, ongoing experiences in prayer and includes the companion study guide Prayer: Too Busy Not to Pray.

Who you Are When No One's Looking Who you Are When No One's Looking
by Bill Hybels

Includes FREE Study Guide: Character: Who You Are When No One's Looking

What are you like when no one's looking? That's where character comes in – it's being consistent even when it doesn't seem to matter.

Courage, discipline, vision, endurance and love. These character qualities are quickly becoming endangered. All too often we hear of marriages falling apart, governments lying, businesses cheating and scandals rocking the church. But with God's guidance and strength, we can maintain character that lasts despite temptations and troubles.

Out of the Saltshaker Out of the Saltshaker and into the World – Plus Saltshaker Resource Kit 20th Anniversary Edition
by Rebecca Manley Pippert

Listed in 2006 with Christianity Today's top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals!

"Christians and non-Christians have something in common," writes Rebecca Pippert. "We're all uptight about evangelism."

So begins the bestselling book on evangelism as a lifestyle. Through stories, biblical insight and plain common sense, Pippert helps us feel relaxed and enthusiastic about sharing our faith.

This thoroughly revised and expanded edition of Out of the Saltshaker is now even more valuable, with new chapters on the natural stages of evangelism (cultivating, planting and reaping), new stories of God's work in people's lives and added material on meeting the challenges of the new competitors to Christian faith. Out of the Saltshaker is more than ever a rare book – one that is both fun and deep, light and life changing.

For 20 years Out of the Saltshaker has been influencing believers to share their faith. During this time, Rebecca Manley Pippert has assembled an indispensable toolkit of resources that work hand-in-hand with the text. With this collection, you receive the entire Saltshaker Resource Kit – a $42 value—FREE! Out of the Saltshaker Resource Kit

The Supplemental Saltshaker Resource Kit includes:

  • How to Lead a Seeker Bible Discussion
  • Looking at the Life of Jesus
  • People Who Met Jesus
  • Spirituality According to Jesus
  • Talking About Jesus without Sounding Religious
  • The Way of Jesus

Small Group Study Kit

Biblical Foundations For Small Group Ministry Biblical Foundations For Small Group Ministry
by Gareth Weldon Icenogle

Gareth Icenogle thoroughly examines both Old and New Testaments for the basis of small group ministry. He considers the texts in new ways, providing heightened understanding of their implications for ministry in the context of small groups. Then he turns to the early church to study tradition and practice. In addition, he brings an integration of theological, sociological and educational principles to the biblical text.

All through this add-on resource, practical applications of these principles offer guidance for setting up and running a biblically based small group ministry program. Those who are working or who hope to work with small groups will find this one-of-a-kind book invaluable.

Discipleship Essentials Discipleship Essentials
by Greg Ogden

This workbook is a tool designed to help you follow the pattern Jesus drew for those growing in Him. Working through it will deepen your knowledge of essential Christian teaching and strengthen your faith.

Divided into weekly sessions Discipleship Essentials is ideal for groups of three or four. It has also been used successfully as an individual study program, as a one-to-one disciple-making tool and as small group curriculum. Each week you will discover·

  • a core truth presented in question/answer format
  • a memory verse and application study
  • a field-tested inductive Bible study
  • a reading on the theme for the week
  • questions to draw out key principles from the reading

Small Group Starter Kit Small Group Starter Kit
by Jeffrey Arnold

In this easy-to-use guide Jeff Arnold provides you with everything you need for the first meetings of a small group. Getting acquainted, setting expectations, studying Scripture – it's it's all here in a step-by-step format that will help you get a great start for your small group.

Big Book on Small Groups The Big Book on Small Groups (Revised)
by Jeffrey Arnold

Jeffrey Arnold knows the pressures of small group ministry, but he has also seen the power of small groups in many ministry settings. In this revised edition of The Big Book on Small Groups, he breaks down small groups so that you can see them from all angles.

The first four chapters focus on the structure and benefits of a small group ministry. Further chapters explore the basics of Christian community – prayer, worship, Bible study, outreach and mission, as well as how to multiply groups. Resources for further reading, ideas for coaches and trainers, and curriculum to photocopy for small group sessions are also included.

A constant companion throughout your small group ministry, The Big Book on Small Groups will give you the basics to get you going--and the support and nurture you need to make small groups effective as a strategy for outreach and discipleship.

Transforming Bible Study Transforming Bible Study
by Bob Grahmann

It's no secret… studying God's Word transforms lives. It knits together believers and revitalizes their relationships.

Studying the Bible can also be dry, dull and seem to have little connection with your daily life. Fruitful Bible study is much more than a chain of platitudes in which people never say what they think or address the real questions they have about faith and life. Further, some approaches to Bible study require stacks of reference books, cross-referencing and three versions of the Bible. Other approaches ask you to fill in blanks like an elementary school child.

Bob Grahmann presents a Bible study method that will bring Scripture to life in your personal study and in your group studies. He is a national and international Bible study teacher, expert at unfolding the long-appreciated method of inductive Bible study, which has been updated to meet the needs of today's generation.

With both biblical expertise and cultural awareness he lays out the method clearly. With exercises to put the method into practice, this is a book that will benefit you individually as well as in your next group Bible study.

Transforming Bible Study is all about making you and your small group grow in your 2 Timothy 2:15 ability to correctly handle God's Word of truth!

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Contemporary Christian Classics Collection (33 vol.)

Contemporary Christian Classics Collection (33 vol.)

Put Some Power Into Your Bible Study or Small Group with this Collection of Contemporary Christian Faith Classics with Study Aids! NOW INCLUDES COPELAND'S STUDY GUIDES!


Requires Program PCSB Version 5 or OneTouch (find out more)

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