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Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary (37-Volumes)

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For the preacher or teacher who wants the best of both worlds, topical sermon preparation and expository preparation, this commentary by Joseph Exell is a tremendous resource. It also includes a wide range of other contributors who add theological, historical and textual scholarship.

The Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary (37 Volumes) is a trusted sermon preparation resource by one of the most prolific Bible commentary editors of all time. Joseph S. Exell, one of the two lead editors of the famous Pulpit Commentary, and the producer of the voluminous Biblical Illustrator, produced this set specifically for preachers, by preachers. Since its publication it has been used by generations of ministers seeking a comprehensive tool for accessing deeper material. It offers much more critical material than many homiletic works offer, while still offering rich illustrative content to complete the sermon preparation process.

Known for its excellent thematic sections, the commentary set guides preachers and teachers in developing series of lessons with solid thematic treatments, while also supporting an expository and text-centered study of scriptures studied. Exell also offers rich gleanings from his lifelong work as a collector of illustrations, sermon outlines and relevant stories to augment the sermon preparation process.


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For each Bible passage under discussion there is:

  • A "Critical Notes" section, where key textual and grammatical points are made on each verse. In many instances, these are quite detailed, and deal with many of the important textual issues (as they were understood at the time). This is the more straightforward "commentary".
  • A "Homiletic" section, which offers Sermon notes, outlines, etc. on the passage. Normally these appear as short, functioning sermons or homilies, sometimes several or more for a single passage.
  • Sometimes there are additional sections with commentary or illustrations for the passage as well. .

This means when a user selects or is positioned at a certain verse, there will normally be at least two separate sections (Critical Homiletic) available for that verse.

PC Study Bible offers a fairly flexible way to use this material:

  • When a single verse or verse range is discussed in multiple locations, these all appear in a list, to allow for selection or perusal of each instance -- particularly, one can choose between the "Critical" and "Homiletic" portions.
  • We allow for easy shifting over to the table-of-contents book outline view (and back), so a user can go directly to the section he/she wants.

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Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary (37-Volumes)

Preacher's Complete Homiletic Commentary (37-Volumes)

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