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Teacher's Study Collection — 3 Volumes

Three helpful Bible study resources for the beginning student and those teaching classes on the Bible.

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Get all that you need to effectively plan and teach adult Sunday school and Bible studies with this 3-volume collection of our most popular resources for teaching and curriculum planning (each also available for purchase separately). This bundle includes:

Explorer's Bible Study
Regularly: $49.99

Explore the Book
Regularly: $39.99

Adventuring Through the Bible
Regularly: $12.95

The Explorer's Bible Study Includes 5 courses that cover the entire Bible chronologically:

  • Genesis
  • Early History of Israel (Exodus - Joshua)
  • Later History of Israel (Judges - Prophets)
  • Luke & Acts
  • New Testament Epistles & Revelation

Most Bible study guides are meant to be overviews of Bible books or topics rather than an in-depth study. But Explorer's Bible Study materials are different. The content and design of these five courses help you study God's Word from beginning to end. Well-researched background information accompanies each lesson. And carefully prepared questions challenge you to a thoughtful and serious study of what you read.

As you complete each course, the themes and concepts that weave the Bible together as one book will become clearer to you. And you'll develop a foundation for understanding Scripture that will improve your personal study, group study and more.

Explore the Book covers the entire Bible—Genesis to Revelation—in nearly 150 lessons. The lessons are perfect for individual studies, or they can be easily used in small groups or Sunday school.

More than a reference work, Explore the Book is a guide to your studies. Baxter's approach provides a solid "grounding in the Scriptures" as he examines each Bible book. Beginning with Genesis, Baxter explores the essential message of each book of the Bible, setting forth its structure with careful, yet easy-to-understand analysis. He shows the reader the main themes as they are revealed and provides suggestions for further study. Every lesson encourages the reader to read the Bible passage to be studied first, then proceed to the lesson.

You'll come away from each lesson with a firm understanding of the truths presented and a greater love for the study of Scripture. Whether you're looking for direction in your personal studies, or desiring to share a comprehensive overview of the Bible with others, this six-volume collection of study lessons will work for you.

Adventuring Through the Bible is a Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible

In his adventure through the Bible, Ray Stedman brings the Old and New Testaments together in a unique and captivating way to help you understand how all parts of God's Word fit together. With Stedman's guidance you'll learn to view the Bible as a surprisingly accessible reference for Christ-like living and a life-changing expression of God's love.

Stedman masterfully integrates, cross-references, and connects each book of the Old and New Testaments so that you can understand and use the wisdom of the entire Bible. His entertaining stories and anecdotes bring biblical priciples to life and verify God's consistent involvement in human history, including yours.

Adventuring Through the Bible:

  • Presents clearly and concisely the theme and lessons of each book.
  • Offers a panoramic overview of the entire Bible, providing a valuable context for personal understanding and an application of every book in the Old and New Testaments.
  • Provides summary outlines for all 66 books of the Bible.
  • Features commentary, personal stories, and historical anecdotes that make Scripture accessible and useful in a readable and entertaining way.
  • Promotes spiritual growth by offering knowledge and insight you won't find in any other reference work.

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Teacher's Study Collection — 3 Volumes

Teacher's Study Collection — 3 Volumes

Three helpful Bible study resources for the beginning student and those teaching classes on the Bible.

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