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Standard Reference Commentary - Old and New Testament Collection 5-Volume


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Standard Reference Commentary produces a library of resources that are used by more than 300,000 teachers and students each year. It provides complete and thorough Bible study aids with culturally relevant examples and engaging discussion questions for any adult-level student.

The two-volume New Testament Collection is designed for teachers, preachers, church leaders, or anyone who desires a source of further insight into God's Word.

Volume 1: The Life and Ministry of Jesus , takes you from the manger to the empty tomb by carefully weaving details from all four Gospels into a single thread, it's a wonderful and full-bodied narrative of Jesus' life.

Volume 2: The New Testament Church , is a journey from Pentecost to Patmos. It chronicles the phenomenal growth of the early church as seen through the book of Acts, and then through the epistles. Throughout, color and detail is provided with emphasis on how the church grew and confronted the pagan culture of the day.

The Old Testament in 3 Volumes

Learning the Old Testament is a challenging task — especially for first-time students. Let Standard Publishing's more than 50 years of proven, practical Bible teaching expertise help you give your students a fundamentally strong Old Testament foundation. Whether you lead a small group, teach a Sunday school class, are preparing a preaching series, or are on your own quest for Old Testament knowledge, you will benefit from this commentary collection developed with your teaching needs in mind.

Teach and Study the Old Testament like a pro with:

  • The entire Old Testament outlined and presented in teaching-friendly segments
  • Frequent pronunciation guides mean you never have to guess at a difficult-to-pronounce name of an Old Testament person, place or theological concept.
  • A wealth of verse-specific commentary and detailed charts helps you to clearly understand and communicate how the prophesies and events of the Old Testament connect to themes of fulfillment in the New Testament and eternity.
  • Easy-to-understand, non-technical explanations of complex theological concepts and their implications to today's Church and Christians.

Volume 1: The Pentateuch: Genesis–Deuteronomy , takes the rich story lines of Creation, the Patriarchs and the Exodus in Genesis and provides a plan for you to teach God's purpose and plan as a continuous narrative – rather than a series of historical events. With the big picture, you get a chronology from Exodus to Deuteronomy detailing the Israelites' escape from Egyptian bondage and wandering through the wilderness, before crossing the Jordan and inhabiting the Promised Land.

Volume 2: The History of Israel: Joshua–Esther , is a survey of the events of Israel's history from the crossing of the Jordan to the exile beyond the Euphrates. Noting the victorious conquest of the land, the dark days of the judges, the glory of the united kingdom, and the downward spiral of the divided kingdoms, students gain a broad overview of Israel's leaders, their influence for good or bad, and Israel's past and future legacy among the nations.

Volume 3: Poetry and Prophecy: Job–Malachi , examines the most significant passages in the Old Testament. The Shepherd's Psalm, Isaiah's prophecy of the virgin birth, Ezekiel's dry bones, and Daniel in the lion's den with exposition of each of these texts that. The book surveys the rich poetry of Israel in Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon, and gives an overview of the books of prophecy.

The format for each chapter has been kept purposefully simple for easy lesson planning. The Standard Reference Commentary of the Old Testament represents 50 years' worth of renowned Standard Publishing wisdom. It's trustworthy and time-tested for teaching Sunday school, leading small group studies, or for your own continuing study of the Bible.

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Standard Reference Commentary - Old and New Testament Collection 5-Volume

Standard Reference Commentary - Old and New Testament Collection 5-Volume


Requires Program PCSB Version 5 or OneTouch (find out more)

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