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The Pulpit Commentary

95,000 entries of commentary, preaching outlines, and sermons for the entire Bible. One of the largest commentary sets of its kind.


Requires Program PCSB Version 5 or OneTouch (find out more)

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• 22 volumes, 23,000 pages, 95,000 entries

• Commentary, preaching outlines, and sermons for the entire Bible

• One of the largest commentary sets of its kind

• Ideal for pastors, teachers and serious students of the Bible

Timeless, treasured and exhaustive
The Pulpit Commentary has remained immensely popular over time for several reasons. Like any good commentary series, you'll find in-depth discussion of every verse in the Bible. But The Pulpit Commentary doesn't stop there! For each Bible passage, you also get a framework for presenting the text to others (homiletics) followed by four to six samples sermons (homilies) from different authors.

For the pastor or teacher, it serves as a “how-to” on sermons. The outlines and sermons illustrate the results of good study and provide examples for creating your own sermons and lessons. For the Bible student, it provides a complete picture of a verse or passage by bringing the explanation, context and application together.

Enjoy detailed analysis of every verse in the Bible
The in-depth verse-by-verse comments of The Pulpit Commentary include:

• discussion of the meaning of the verse in context

• translation of key Greek and Hebrew words

• explanations of biblical customs

• historical and geographical information

• and more!

You'll find this commentary to be an excellent addition to the other conservative commentaries in your PC Study Bible library.

Find the keys to applying biblical truths and presenting them to others
After dissecting each verse with in-depth analysis, The Pulpit Commentary gives you a framework for “putting it back together.” Detailed outlines and sermons from a variety of authors accompany the commentary for each chapter of the Bible.

The outlines help you put a verse in the larger context of the chapter or book. They also provide a framework for teaching by setting forth key points and summarizing each passage in the chapter for you. You can use these outlines to review the meaning of a passage or to build a lesson or sermon.

You'll also find short sermons on the same text from several authors so you can compare how each dealt with it. For example, you will find 16 sermons from 6 different authors for Colossians 3 and 21 sermons by 5 authors on Exodus 20:1-17. These brief sermons serve as examples of how to communicate the text and also provide an interesting background for personal study.

Ideal for pastors, teachers and you!
Although The Pulpit Commentary was originally intended for preachers, the thorough teaching found in this amazing resource is beneficial for everyone. The unique combination of commentary, outlines and sermons gives you unparalleled opportunities for in-depth study of any verse or passage in the Bible.

For example, in 1 Corinthians 7 Paul discusses several aspects of marriage. The commentary on this chapter thoroughly explains the cultural and religious background that had caused the institution of marriage to come under attack at this time in Corinth. The outline section breaks the chapter into three sections discussing: Paul's Conception of Marriage, the need to Abide in Christliness, whatever the condition in life and Personal Christianity for the Bond and Free. The sermon topics cover:

• Vs. 1-11. Views concerning marriage: the institution in itself and in relation to circumstances, obligations and duties

• Vs. 1, 2, 7-9, 25-35. Celibacy and Marriage

• Vs. 2. Christianity and Marriage

• Vs. 7. Distinct Gifts

• Vs. 2-6, 10-17. Marriage: its nature and duties

• Vs. 12-28. Mixed Marriages

• Vs. 16. Earthly relationships sanctified to heavenly uses

• And many more!

This powerful combination of information is sure to bring you insight for every part of the Bible and every part of your life.

Written by conservative, trustworthy men
This commentary set is truly an exceptional work. Nearly 100 contributors assisted its two editors: H.D.M. Spence and Joseph S. Exell. Generally, the exposition and homiletics for each book are by one author while the sermons are by three to six other authors. In all, their 30-year effort has stood the test of time and remains a popular and trusted resource.

This massive set has never been so easy and convenient to use
The extensive book introductions, commentary, outlines and sermons coupled with the hard-to-read type styles of most printed versions have made this commentary challenging to use. PC Study Bible changes all that!

PC Study Bible makes it easier to read and navigate through the volumes of information provided by The Pulpit Commentary . You can access the commentary, outlines and sermons for any verse right from the commentary section of the program. Or open a sermon for any book, chapter or verse from the Sermon section of the program. And as always, The Pulpit Commentary is accessible from everywhere in your library at the click of a mouse.

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The Pulpit Commentary

The Pulpit Commentary

95,000 entries of commentary, preaching outlines, and sermons for the entire Bible. One of the largest commentary sets of its kind.


Requires Program PCSB Version 5 or OneTouch (find out more)

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