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Explorer's Bible Study

Five courses, divided into weekly lessons, that cover the entire Bible chronologically. Perfect for individual or group Bible study.

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Includes 5 courses that cover the entire Bible chronologically:

• Genesis

• Early History of Israel (Exodus - Joshua)

• Later History of Israel (Judges - Prophets)

• Luke & Acts

• New Testament Epistles & Revelation

You'll be thrilled with the quality of this study material
Most Bible study guides are meant to be overviews of Bible books or topics rather than an in-depth study. But Explorer's Bible Study materials are different. The content and design of these five courses help you study God's Word from beginning to end. Well-researched background information accompanies each lesson. And carefully prepared questions challenge you to a thoughtful and serious study of what you read.

As you complete each course, the themes and concepts that weave the Bible together as one book will become clearer to you. And you'll develop a foundation for understanding Scripture that will improve your personal study, group study and more.

Why these courses are so effective
Explorer's Bible Study makes it easier for you to spend time in the Word, reading and examining it for yourself. The courses are divided into weekly lessons. Each lesson specifies a portion of the Scriptures to read and related questions for you to consider. Helpful background, included with each lesson, reviews and augments the discoveries you make in your own study. You can follow the suggested plan for moving through the lessons or choose your own pace. Either way, you'll be in God's Word on a regular basis.

Track your progress with PC Study Bible
Explorer's Bible Study showcases a powerful PC Study Bible feature — the ability to respond to study questions directly in the program. Your answers become part of the text just as if you were filling in a printed workbook! And you can add, update or change your answers at any time. Even print them out!

Let your PC Study Bible library do the research work for you
As these studies take you systematically through the Scriptures, you'll be able to consult and use the vast resources of your library like never before. First, you can compare the multiple translations included in your program for insight. Then as you move further into a lesson, you need only consult the suggested SmartReferences™ to tap into the wealth of information available in your library. From cross-references to dictionary articles to commentary, all the relevant information in your PC Study Bible library is available automatically —- without any searching or extra work on your part!

These lessons are a great tool for study groups and Sunday school classes
If you teach from the Bible, you will find additional value from Explorer's Bible Study . Of course, it's ideal for keeping you in the Word and growing. Use the courses to learn the material for yourself before you teach on it. PC Study Bible lets you conveniently record and save your research as you go.

But you can also take advantage of the excellent materials to create your own Bible studies or Sunday school lessons. The introductory comments for each week's lesson provide valuable background information and ideas for practical application. And the challenging and thought-provoking questions are just what you need to stimulate group discussion.

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Explorer's Bible Study

Explorer's Bible Study

Five courses, divided into weekly lessons, that cover the entire Bible chronologically. Perfect for individual or group Bible study.

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