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The Mysteries of God

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In this concise work, Fortner analyzes each scripture that contains the word "mystery" and unfolds it's biblical meaning. This work would work well for the more knowledgable Bibe study or small group as a focused expedition on the the biblical use of the word "mystery" and how it pertains to God. Work through such "mysteries" as The mystery of faith, The mystery of spiritual union, The mystery of Godliness, and The mystery of providence.

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"As it is ordinarily used, the word “mystery” refers to
something that is unknown, perhaps unknowable, a phenomenon. It
refers to that which is secret, or hidden. A “mystery” commonly
implies the withholding of knowledge. However, as it is used in the
New Testament the Word “mystery” refers to divinely revealed

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The Mysteries of God

The Mysteries of God

By Don Fortner

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