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Miracles of Our Lord

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This work is widely acknowledged as being the most comprehensive and penetrating study of the subject in the English language. He has a keen sensitivity to the meaning and interpretation of the Biblical text believing and insisting that God’s Word shall speak for itself. Yet, he includes the opinions of a wide array of recognized authorities of his day on the subject of miracles that adds honesty and authenticity.

Trench produced engaging lessons which are embedded in the miracles of our Lord. Trench was a decisive influence in the early stages of the monumental Oxford English Dictionary. He addresses all of the difficult and interesting questions that have been raised in connection with miracles and are discussed with considerable fullness.


Preliminary Essay
The Miracles and Nature
The Authority of the Miracles
The Evangelical compared with other Cycles of Miracles
The Apologetic Worth of the Miracles
The Restoring of the Man with a Withered Hand
The Woman with a Spirit of Infirmity
The Healing of one Deaf and Dumb
The Miraculous Feeding of Four Thousand
The Opening the Eyes of one Blind at Bethsaida
The Healing of the Lunatic Child
The Stater in the Fish’s Mouth
The liaising of Lazarus
The Opening the Eyes of Two Blind Men near Jericho 494
The Withering of the Fruitless Fig Tree
The Healing of the Man with a Dropsy
The Cleansing of the Ten Lepers
The Healing of the Daughter of the Syrophenician Woman

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Miracles of Our Lord

Miracles of Our Lord

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