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The Geisler Christian Apologetics Collection - 4 Volumes

Four works on Christian Apologetics by a leading evangelical scholar and theologian Norman Geisler.


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Dr. Norman Geisler is a leading scholar, educator, author and advocate in Christian apologetics. He has authored or coauthored some 70 books and hundreds of articles in addition to teaching theology, philosophy, and apologetics on the college or graduate level for 50 years. He has spoken or debated in some 26 countries on six continents. He has a B.A, M.A., Th.B., and Ph.D (in philosophy) and has taught at some of the top seminaries in the United States, including Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Dallas Theological Seminary.

This collection adds critical apologetic and theological depth to your PC Study Bible library. Bundled titles include:

The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
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Christian Apologetics
Regularly: $24.99

When Skeptics Ask: A Handbook on Christian Evidences
Regularly: $17.99

Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective
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The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics

Challenges to Christianity come from a variety of people and belief systems, and Christians are continually searching for the appropriate responses to critics of their faith. The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics is a definitive one-volume encyclopedia designed to equip believers for Christian defense against the full range of opposing arguments. This comprehensive reference volume covers every key issue, person, and concept related to Christian apologetics. Written entirely by leading apologist Norman Geisler, it stands as the culmination of the author's life-long career and ministry.

The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics offers valuable information and advice to a wide audience: pastors and Christian leaders, students on college campuses, and those involved in counter-cult ministries—all Christians who encounter skeptics will benefit from the extensive coverage of:

  • Diverse individuals, from Karl Marx to C. S. Lewis
  • General apologetics topics, such as the types of apologetics and the role of the Holy Spirit in apologetics
  • Specific challenges, such as the relationship between science and Christianity, and the reliability of the Bible
  • Philosophical systems, such as nihilism and existentialism
  • Philosophical concepts, such as the principle of sufficient reason and the principle of causality
  • Biblical issues, such as the claims of Christ, and the date of the exodus
  • Contemporary concerns, such as the Jesus Seminar and postmodernism
  • Perennial apologetic arguments, such as the problem of evil and the existence of God


Nowhere will anyone find more apologetic information
than in this volume. Time and again I was impressed
with the sheer amount of data that Norm Geisler places
at the fingertips of the student. This book will serve
as the chief reference work in apologetics for years to come.

- Gary Habermas, PhD, Liberty University 


Christian Apologetics

The standard-bearer for Christian apologetics, Dr. Geisler uses a systematic approach to present both the methods and reasons for defending Christianity. Michael Hill of Reformed Theological Review states that Christian Apologetics, provides the reader with a fundamentally sound approach to Christian apologetics. It will be a valuable addition to any students library.

The content is divided into three parts: surveying, verifying, and applying the unique claims of historical Christianity. Dr. Geisler first surveys the existing "isms" - Agnosticism, Rationalism, Fideism, Experientialism, Evidentialism, Pragmatism and Combinationalism. Then he verifies the theistic apologetics of Deism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Atheism and Theism. Finally, he applies his findings to Christian apologetics exploring such topics as the deity and authority of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Geisler's superb organization of this material and clear analysis has made this a classic for all students of the Bible and defenders of the faith.

Destined to be a major textbook for evangelicals in
apologetics [It will] help a generation of readers and
students faced with a tough-minded humanism to give
cogent and careful defense of the faith.

- F.R. Howe,
Bibliotheca Sacra

When Skeptics Ask

Most skeptics have serious questions about the existence and nature of God, the truth about Christ's birth, life and resurrection, and whether or not the Bible can be believed as the true Word of God. Norman Geisler and Ronald Brooks guide you through not only the answers but thought processes involved in answering the questions that skeptics ask.

When Skeptics Ask expertly explains how to defend Christian faith and doctrine, using the authority and inspiration of Scripture. You will turn to this user-friendly guide over-and-over for thoughtful answers and clear explanations regarding objections to classic Christianity, and equip yourself to identify and respond to the misuse of Scripture by nonbelievers.

This helpful handbook is filled with critical information, illustrated with numerous charts and diagrams, to help you respond to skepticism about Christianity. You'll find concise and persuasive answers to frequently asked questions about God, other gods, evil, miracles, Jesus Christ, the Bible, Bible difficulties, archaeology, science and evolution, the afterlife and more.

This is an excellent tool for Christians who want to
be able to provide sound answers to real intellectual
questions about the Christian faith.

- R.C. Sproul


Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy
provides a Christian perspective on the study and history of philosophy. It answers questions such as what is philosophy, why should it be studied, and what is its practical impact. The authors, Norman Geisler and Paul Feinberg show that philosophy should be valued, in and of itself, and that Christianity can stand up to the rigors of philosophy, and should be seen as a philosophically valid worldview.

While written in textbook format, Introduction to Philosophy is also an excellent reference tool that does not glorify or vilify philosophy. It understandably explains how philosophical thought has significantly contributed to theological understanding, and how errors in philosophy must be recognized and refuted to confirm the reasonableness of Christian faith without religious jargon.

The five major sections of the book answer the questions What is philosophy?, What is knowledge?, What is reality?, What is the ultimate?, and What is good or right?. Also, the structure of the book allows you to easily jump to any topic in the book and study without reading previous sections of the book. If you’re teaching an apologetics or systematic theology class, or just want to increase your own knowledge in these areas, you will appreciate the up-to-date information and argument and counterargument approach of Introduction to Philosophy.

Makes the broad field of philosophy accessible to beginning
students. The book will make a fine reference tool in
its well-organized presentations of most of the significant
philosophical positions.

- David Bruce Fletcher, Christianity Today


Using the Geisler Apologetics Collection with PC Study Bible

When installed in PC Study Bible, the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics is located under the Topics menu and “Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics.” The titles (Christian Apologetics, Introduction to Philosophy, and When Skeptics Ask) are located under the Books menu in the General Books category under “Works of Norman L. Geisler.”

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The Geisler Christian Apologetics Collection - 4 Volumes

The Geisler Christian Apologetics Collection - 4 Volumes

Four works on Christian Apologetics by a leading evangelical scholar and theologian Norman Geisler.


Requires Program PCSB Version 5 or OneTouch (find out more)

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