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The Hastings Dictionary Collection

James Hastings' famous Dictionary of the Bible (single-volume) and exhaustive New Testament Dictionaries.

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The Hastings' Dictionary Collection is a thorough offering of meanings, history, events, and theological concepts. Next to Smith's Bible Dictionary, Hastings' has been perhaps the most popular and widely used of its kind. Hastings takes a comprehensive but non-technical approach that allows for easy consumption but won't leave you feeling short-changed. 
When used in PC Study Bible, this dictionary collection provides thousands of links to deeply informative articles. Whether offering links within articles or linking to additional articles, this package provides tremendous substance to your library. Learn more about titles in this collection below.

Also included in the larger James Hastings Collection, as well as titles in the OneTouch Professional Series Library.

Dictionary of the Bible

This is the popular 1-volume edition of Hastings' famous Dictionary of the Bible. It is smaller and more compact than the 5-volume edition, and is meant to serve as a new and updated Dictionary, rather than a simple condensation of the earlier work. Targeted more for the student and pastor, it still claims a high level of scholarship. 
Here are just a few reasons Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible has generally been considered the best single-volume Bible dictionary:

• Important events, biblical doctrines, and theological concepts are treated completely and concisely
• Bold-faced cross references point the reader easily to related articles
• Accessible to all, the articles are comprehensive but non-technical
• Explains all the proper names mentioned in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha

Among the more recognizable contributors are: W. F. Adeney, George A. Barton, George Ricker Berry, Ernest De Witt Burton, W. T. Davison, Adolf Deissmann, S. R. Driver, George G. Findlay, G. Buchanan Gray, F. G. Kenyon, Shailer Mathews, James Hope Moulton, Theodor Nöldeke, James Orr, H. A. Redpath, A. H. Sayce, Alexander Souter, Alexander Stewart, John G. Tasker, W. H. Griffith Thomas.

Dictionary of the New Testament

This is a combination of two 2-volume works Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels and Dictionary of the Apostolic Church. These works cover the Gospels, Acts, Epistles, Revelation, and other important early Christian writings.
These dictionaries treat the full range of New Testament topics: history, theology and doctrine, criticism, interpretation, difficulties and discrepancies, etc., in considerable scholarly detail. These companion dictionaries, meant to complement the Dictionary of the Bible, offer a high level of scholarship still worthy of study today. 

Among the many noted contributors are:
Walter F. Adeney, William P. Armstrong, John Henry Bernard, Henry Cowan, James Denney, Marcus Dods, Rowland Ellis, Lucien Gautier, George Holley Gilbert, D. A. Hayes, Caspar Wistar Hodge, William Ralph Inge, Richard John Knowling, John C. Lambert, Robert Mackintosh, Shailer Mathews, George Milligan, James Moffatt, Warren Joseph Moulton, James Orr, Arthur S. Peake, Alfred Plummer, Archibald Thomas Robertson, William Sanday, Alexander Souter, Geerhardus Vos, Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield, Johannes Weiss 

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The Hastings Dictionary Collection

The Hastings Dictionary Collection

James Hastings' famous Dictionary of the Bible (single-volume) and exhaustive New Testament Dictionaries.

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