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The Complete Word Study Series (4 vol.)

Now you can understand Scripture in the original languages �- without going to seminary! New 4-volume set now includes the most recently published Old Testament Dictionary!

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Now featuring the recently published Old Testament Dictionary, by Warren Baker, D.R.E. and Eugene Carpenter, Ph.D.

While no book can replace the insight that's gained by a formal study of the Greek and Hebrew languages, how many people will ever study them, and how many who have studied them in the past have forgotten much of what they learned?

The Complete Word Study Series by AMG Publishers is designed to allow you to discover for yourself the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words that stand as the foundation for the text of the English Bible. As you use these reference works in PC Study Bible , the idiom and nuance of the original Greek text will open up before you, and you will arrive at a deeper understanding of God's Word.

With The Complete Word Study Old & New Testaments , you will have a verse-by-verse, word-by-word study tool for the entire Bible. Strong's numbers and grammatical codes placed next to the English Bible text identify each word in the original languages. These grammatical codes, along with the Grammatical Notations sections — available with the click of your mouse — identify in simple terms the part of speech used in Hebrew or Greek. Strong's numbers link each Hebrew or Greek word to the Strong's dictionary as well as all of the dictionaries contained in your copy of PC Study Bible . Most importantly, as a student of the Word of God, you need not know Greek or Hebrew grammar or even their alphabets to greatly benefit from Dr. Zodhiates' 47 years of research.

Three ways these reference works immediately add to your understanding of God's Word:

1. Explore the meaning of the original language word.
As an example of the usefulness of this unique offer, let's consider the text of Matthew 27:3. Here it says that Judas “repented” of his actions and sought to return the money he was paid for betraying Christ. The Strong's number beside the word “repented” is 3338. When you double-click this number, the dictionary opens, revealing the Greek word translated “repent” actually means to “care afterwards, i.e., to regret.” It is further defined as “ineffective repentance” that does not involve a change of heart. With PC Study Bible , you may scroll conveniently between the dictionaries to compare definitions. In The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament , you will find that this Greek word suggests “little or nothing more than a selfish dread of the consequences of what one has done.”

2. Find other places where a specific English word is used in the Bible.
The Complete Word Study Series can also be used to do in-depth word studies for every English word (other than proper names) used in the KJV text of the Old or New Testament. Let's say, for example, you want to study the word “eternal.” Simply go to The Complete Word Study index, click “eternal” and you will see a list of all the Strong's numbers used throughout the biblical text. These represent Hebrew or Greek words translated with that same English word. In this case, the Strong's numbers 126, 165, and 166 are listed for the New Testament. Once you have this information, you can locate every occurrence of these words — where in the Bible they are used and how often. You may also look up their various definitions with a simple click and compare one dictionary to another. Whatever method you choose to study the Bible, these books will deepen your knowledge of the original languages without a formal study of Greek or Hebrew.

3. Research grammatical information about each Greek or Hebrew word.
The Complete Word Study Old & New Testaments are revolutionary products containing an exhaustive amount of Bible study research material. Every Hebrew and Greek word is represented in the English text by a Strong's Dictionary number and/or a grammatical code, depending on the specific word. The grammatical codes link to articles which explain the part of speech for that word in its original language. This gives the non-expert access to expert knowledge of the Bible text, without the years of language training usually required. Now it's easier than ever to enjoy a fuller understanding of the Bible — it's like having a seminary professor inside your computer...and he does all the work!

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The Complete Word Study Series (4 vol.)

The Complete Word Study Series (4 vol.)

Now you can understand Scripture in the original languages �- without going to seminary! New 4-volume set now includes the most recently published Old Testament Dictionary!

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