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Basic Bible Doctrine

An introduction to systematic theology by Don Fortner.

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Basic Bible Doctrine is akin to an introduction to systematic theology. Fortner takes on doctrinal issues such as election, justification, and atonement with an approach that even the beginning student can follow along. If you've wanted to dig into theological stances from a pastoral standpoint and didn't know where to begin, this is it.

Praise for Basic Bible Doctrine

"We are living in a day when many truths are preached, but little Truth is preached. The woman, who was possessed with a spirit of divination in Acts 16:16-17, serves as an illustration of this. When she said, “These be the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation,” she spoke truths. They were the servants of the most high God who did show the way of salvation. There is no error in that statement. But she never spoke the Truth! There is an infinite difference between speaking truths and the Truth! 

Basic Bible Doctrine stays true to its title. The Bible has only one doctrine - The doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ consists of many doctrines, which stand together as the doctrine of Christ. All of these doctrines are essential, and if any of these doctrines are omitted, distorted, or separated, it is no longer the doctrine of Christ. Break one link in the chain, and the whole chain is broken. In this book Pastor Fortner clearly presents the doctrine of Christ as a unified whole in a warm and readable style. In these pages I was both instructed and encouraged by seeing the completeness of the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. What Pastor Fortner says regarding the redemptive work of Christ and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit is particularly needed in our day. I believe those who read these pages will profit greatly. If God is pleased to bless it, we will not merely learn truths, but the Truth!"

Pastor Todd Nibert, Todds Road Grace Church, Lexington, Kentucky (USA)


"I know of no other book that so simply presents and explains what the Bible teaches. This is the book I would recommend to be read alongside Holy Scripture for any believer seeking to obtain an understanding of Christian doctrine. It is written with the urgency of a preacher, the plainness of a pastor and the passion of a saved sinner wholly immersed in Christ's love and mercy for His people. If you would like a clear, easy to read presentation of basic Bible doctrine, the volume now in your hand will supply your need."

Pastor Peter Meney, Durham, England


Included in the Don Fortner 22-volume Discovering Christ Collection.

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Basic Bible Doctrine

Basic Bible Doctrine

An introduction to systematic theology by Don Fortner.

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