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John White Collection (5 vol.)

Add the practical and profound wisdom of John White to your PC Study Bible Library with a collection of five of his most powerful and popular publications.

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During his lifetime, John White's writing and speaking ministry trained and inspired countless thousands of new and maturing Christians. He authored 25 books as well as numerous articles and study guides, and was also a much sought-after speaker who lectured around the world at churches, conferences and leadership events.

Now you can add the practical and profound wisdom of John White to your PC Study Bible Library with a collection of five of his most powerful and popular publications.

Daring to Draw Near Daring to Draw Near
People in Prayer

Through the prayers in the Bible the most difficult issues of life, death and the deepest longings of the heart come to light. Through the prayers of the Bible, God reveals himself as the one who wants to talk with us, the one who takes the initiative in our relationship with him.

In this classic discourse on prayer, John White examines prayers of passion such as:

  • Abraham pleading for Sodom and Gomorrah,
  • Jacob's night of struggle and resolution with the Angel of the Lord,
  • David's incredible joy of being a “man after God's own heart” and deep sorrow through his confession of sin and the betrayal of those closest to him,
  • Hannah is heard as she prays for a child,
  • Jesus' prayers on the cross present a model for facing our last hours as well.

Ten profiled prayers will take you nearer to the Holy One of the universe, the personal God of each person in the world.

The Fight The Fight
A Practical Handbook for Christian Living

There is joy and triumph in the Christian life. But the victory can not come without struggle. John
White knows this balance and gives us the encouragement to persevere. Here is a guide through the basic areas of faith, prayer, temptation, evangelism, guidance, Bible study, fellowship and work that most believers wrestle with throughout their lives. In this very personal book White offers new Christians sound first steps, and older Christians refreshing insights into the struggles and the joys of freedom in Christ.

Written in highly practical handbook style, with extraordinary humanity, The Fight provides encouragement and solid principles central to healthy spiritual growth.

When the Spirit Comes with Power When the Spirit Comes with Power
Signs & WondersAmong God's People

For this book, John White extensively interviewed many people, including those from the Vineyard Christian Fellowship founded by John Wimber. His years of work as a psychiatrist and as a missionary in the Third World qualify him in a special way to analyze the experiences described in this resource.

In addition, White presents insights from revivals of the past, highlighting the differences and the similarities to what is happening today. As always, the perspective is thoroughly biblical in navigating through many controversial topics. The result is a book full of practical wisdom and remarkable insight with conclusions that are fresh and surprising.

Included you will find extensive links to scripture references, and a section of case studies that portray, explain and expand on the Holy Spirit's power in the lives of every-day believers.

Eros Defiled

Eros Defiled
The Christian and Sexual Sin

Something happened to love — eros, physical love — when mankind fell. The beauty was marred. The joy was tinged with sadness. Eros was defiled.

Today the results of the fall are evident in pre-martial sex, extra-martial sex, other sexual perversions and forms of unnatural sex.

John White speaks with understanding and compassion about each of these sexual sins. He concludes with a telling chapter of how local churches can be communities for dealing with sexual sin in a context of love and forgiveness.

Much more than a book of “thou shall nots” Eros Defiled discusses major issues in the church todayand draws upon real-life stories to develop practicaladvice for handling difficult situations.

With over 100,000 copies in print, this is tough-minded, but compassionate look of the destructive effects of sexual sin.

Please note: Due to the explicit language included in some sections of this resource, it may not be suitable for younger PC Study Bible users, or those who may be easily offended by descriptions of sexual sin.

Cost of Commitment The Cost of Commitment
Originally published as the Magnificent Obsession

“The way of the cross is a magnificent obsession with a heavenly pearl, beside which everything else in life has no value.”

Following Christ, says John White, is not cheap. The cost is substantial. There will be suffering and loss. But the benefits, rewards and joys that come with our commitment to him are well worth the sacrifices that must be made to answer the call to Christ. Consider the cost, then take up your cross, and follow Jesus in the only life worth living.

This classic title is again available after being out of print for 12 years.

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John White Collection (5 vol.)

John White Collection (5 vol.)

Add the practical and profound wisdom of John White to your PC Study Bible Library with a collection of five of his most powerful and popular publications.

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