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Reformation Classics Collection -- 155 Titles

This is a 155-volume mega collection of the works of the major leaders of the reformation including John Calvin, Martin Luther, Menno Simons, Thomas Cranmer, Thomas More, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley, John Bradford, Michael Sattler, William Penn, Caspar Schwenckfield, Jacob Bohme,Thomas Muntzer, and Hans Denck.

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Biblesoft’s Reformation Classics Collection is one of the most complete collections of the works of John Calvin, and it includes all of the important works of the major reformers Martin Luther, the Anabaptists, Quakers, Mennonites, the English and Spiritualist Reformers.

Also included is the Tyndale Bible in the original English and Old Testament Pentateuch and Jonah. The Tyndale New Testament of 1525 was the first English translation based on the Greek and the first English Bible to be printed. It was the forerunner to the Wycliffe Bible, which was based on Latin and published only in hand-written manuscripts, and the King James Bible. Also included is Luther's German Bible Translation and the Lutheran Book of Concord.

This amazing volume of work is possible only after months of intensive topical tagging and of course all Scripture references are tagged with hover capability with the addition of our free upon request Features-Plus 5.2. Also added for greater study access are appendixes for more information and indexes of content by topic and Bible reference. Compare for your Reformation reference study needs, we think you'll agree that Biblesoft’s Reformation Classics Collection is the best value for your budget.  

This collection includes:

Works of Calvin, Volume 1: IncludesThe Life of John Calvin, by Theodore Beza, Sadoleto's Letter to Geneva, with Calvin's Reply (1539),Doctrinal Articles from the University of Paris Theologians, with Calvin's 'Antidote', On the Necessity of Reforming the Church, presented to the Diet of Speyer (1543) Letter of Pope Paul III to emperor Charles V, with comments by Calvin, and Admonition on the Advantages Christendom Might Derive from an Inventory of Relics

Works of Calvin, Volume 2: IncludesThe Geneva Catechism (1536-1545), with the Confession of Faith, Confession of Faith in the Name of the Reformed Churches of France (1562), Short Treatise on the Supper of Our Lord (1540), Zurich Consensus on the Sacraments (1549), with an exposition on the points of agreement, Defense of the Faith Concerning the Sacraments, against Joachim Westphal (1556), Last Admonition to Westphal , Clear Explanation of Sound Doctrine, Concerning the Lord's Supper, against Tilemann Heshusius, The Best Method of Obtaining Concord, concerning the Sacraments, APPENDIX to the Biblesoft edition, The Genevan Ecclesiastical Ordinances (1541) and Genevan Book of Order

Works of Calvin, Volume 3: IncludesOn the Acts of the Council of Trent, with Calvin's "Antidote" (commentary/reply) (1547), On the Interim, with Calvin's "True Method for Giving Peace to Christendom and Reforming the Church" (1548), On Shunning the Unlawful Rites of the Ungodly, and Preserving the Purity of Christian Religion, Psychopannychia

Works of Calvin, Volume 4: 143 Letters, 1528-1545

Works of Calvin, Volume 5: 196 Letters, 1545-1553

Works of Calvin, Volume 6: 182 Letters, 1554-1558

Works of Calvin, Volume 7: 147 Letters, 1559-1564, Calvin's Last Testament and Farewell discourses , An Appendix of 18 additional Letters

Works of Calvin, Volume 8: Sermons including,20 Christological Sermons on the Deity of Christ, the Nativity, the Passion, Resurrection, Ascension, and Pentecost, delivered on the relevant holy days, 13 Sermons on Genesis 25-27 (Jacob & Esau / Election & Reprobation), 22 Sermons on Psalm 119, 43 Sermons on Galatians (complete cycle)

Works of Calvin, Volume 9: Includes additional treatises of, On Secret Providence, Treatise on Relics, a Biblesoft Appendixwith, Articles on the Servetus affair, Articles on Sebastian Castellion, Castellion's Reply to Calvin's treatise "Defense of the Orthodox Faith against the Errors of Servetus", Selections from Castellion's Concerning Heretics, whether they should be persecuted and how they should be treated

Works of Luther, Volumes 1 and 2: Primary documents including,The Ninety-Five Theses, Sermon "On Threefold Righteousness", Treatise on Good Works and the Three Treatises (see excerpt article for all titles.)

Works of Luther, Volume 3: Includes The Bondage of the Will, against Erasmus, The Roman Confutation of the Augsburg Confession, The Smalcald Articles, Disputation on the Divinity and Humanity of Christ, against Schwenckfeld

Works of Luther, Volume 4: Five titles including Catechisms, letters and commentaries

Works of Luther, Volume 5: Sermons for the Church Year, from Luther's Postil, with an index by Bible Passage

Works of Luther, Volume 6: Includes Table-Talk (Tischreden), Seven selected Letters of Luther, Life and Acts of Martin Luther, by Melanchthon, with an address to the students of Wittenburg on the Death of Luther

The Lutheran Book of Concord [Standard modern English edition]

Luther's German Bible translation

Works of the English Reformation: Includes more than 30 brief historical documents or excerpts, from several different sources, chronicling events related to the Reformation in England, The Thirty-Nine Article, Life of Thomas Cranmer, Cranmer’s Preface to the Bible (1539), Annotations On the Erudition of a Christian Man (1541), Catechismus: A Short Instruction into Christian Religion (1548), Major extracts from A Defense of the True and Catholic Doctrine of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ (1550), Nine miscellaneous Letters and papers, including letters to Calvin, Bucer, and Queen Mary

Works of the English Reformation: IncludesSermons of Hugh Latimer [Nine occasional sermons, including sermons preached before king Edward VI], 34 Letters of Nicholas Ridley, Ridley, Treatise on the Worship of Images, Ridley, Lamentation on the Miserable Estate of the Church in England, Ridley’s Determination Concerning the Sacrament [Cambridge Disputations, 1549], Disputation at Oxford (1555), A Brief Declaration of the Lord's Supper (1555), Conferences between Latimer and Ridley [in prison, 1555], Examination of Ridley, with an account of his (and Latimer's) death (1555), Life of John Bradford, 83 Letters of John Bradford, Meditations on the Lord's Prayer, the Articles of Faith, etc., Sermon on Repentance, Sermon on the Supper of the Lord, A Treatise "Consolation against the Fear of Death", An Exhortation to the Patient Suffering of Trouble and Affliction for Christ's Cause, Defense of the Doctrine of Election and Predestination, Daily Prayers and Meditations, A Brief Admonition written in the New Testament of a Friend

Tydnale's English Bible version

Works of Menno Simons: Includes 25 volumes covering teaching, doctrinal statements, letters, and letters in reply as well as documents on church discipline

Selected Writings and Testimonies of the Early Anabaptists: 22 volumes including the Hutterite Chronicle on George Blaurock, Michael Sattler, On Two Kinds of Obedience, Melchior Hoffmann, The Ordinance of God, Johann Brenz, Opinion "Whether the Magistrate Has the Right to Put to Death Anabaptists and Other Heretics" (1528)

Selected Works by Spiritualist Reformers and Quakers: 17 volumes from primarily Rufus Jones, Hans Denck and David Joris, Caspar SchWenckfeld and Jacob Böhme

To see a complete listing of the works in this collection, click "Excerpt" above. 

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Reformation Classics Collection -- 155 Titles

Reformation Classics Collection -- 155 Titles

This is a 155-volume mega collection of the works of the major leaders of the reformation including John Calvin, Martin Luther, Menno Simons, Thomas Cranmer, Thomas More, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley, John Bradford, Michael Sattler, William Penn, Caspar Schwenckfield, Jacob Bohme,Thomas Muntzer, and Hans Denck.

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