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Works of Charles Ryrie (10 volumes)

Save now on these invaluable reference tools for PC Study Bible.


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Save now on these invaluable reference tools for PC Study Bible

The Ryrie Study Notes The Ryrie Study Notes -- Expanded Edition
A Wealth of Detailed, Accessible Information

Charles C. Ryrie's years of study, teaching and writing make him exceptionally qualified to help readers grasp the Bible's fundamental truths. The Ryrie Study Notes -- Expanded Edition has unique features that make it an over 2 million copy best-seller.

This 1995 expanded version of Ryrie's work features 10,000 concise explanatory notes and includes an amazing array of other indispensable information that is acclaimed for its scholarly nature yet understandable, easy-to-read format.

Excellent outlines, book introductions, and quality notes, as well as a lengthy Synopsis of Bible Doctrine are all worthy of note. This is probably the most consistently annotated study Bible available, both qualitatively and doctrinally.
A $39.95 value


Basic TheologyBasic Theology
A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth

With his clear understanding of the Scriptures and unpretentious writing style, Charles Ryrie has written Basic Theology for every student of God's Word, from the devotional to the seminary student.

Featuring charts, definitions, Scripture and subject indices, Basic Theology will give you a clear and comprehensive picture of Ryrie's approach to systematic theology. Its 94 chapters are arranged in outline style for easy reference. Considerable emphasis is given to explaining the dispensational view of the end times.
A $29.95 value


So Great SalvationSo Great Salvation
What it Means to Believe in Jesus Christ

What is the Gospel? Confusion about the Gospel is a serious problem of tremendous magnitude. It's not just semantics. It's the eternal difference between heaven and hell. But there is Good News...

Follow along in this scholarly yet readable work as Dr. Ryrie carefully explains what the Bible has to say about salvation, discussing man's hopeless state before meeting Jesus, God's grace in saving us, and our call to obedience as we walk with Him.

In So Great Salvation, Dr. Ryrie also addresses many questions raised by those who hold to the lordship salvation position. Does Jesus have to be the Lord of every area of our lives before we are saved? What about lapsed Christians? What is 'easy-believeism?' Join Dr. Ryrie as he studies the important topic of salvation. Discover how God's grace is all we need to enter the kingdom of heaven.
A $12.95 value


First & Second Thessalonians First & Second Thessalonians
A powerful verse-by-verse commentary on the Apostle Paul's letters to the Thessalonians

From the author's introduction:
"Every once in a while a new book will appear on the market with a title something like this: How I've Changed My Mind. The various chapters then detail the ways in which the author's thinking has changed (often about important doctrines) throughout his lifetime. The apostle Paul would never have written such a book. Here's why we can be certain of that.

Although among the earliest of Paul's letters (only Galatians is earlier), 1 and 2 Thessalonians in no way exhibit undeveloped or immature thinking. Paul had been a Christian for seventeen or eighteen years by the time he wrote 1 Thessalonians. His theology was fully developed in his mind and tested in his ministry before he wrote these letters to the Thessalonians.

These epistles are like finely cut gems. They reflect the depths of theological thought, especially in the area of future things. They mirror the pattern of teaching that the apostle used with new Gentile converts.
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Dispensationalism Dispensationalism
Revised and expanded edition

Dispensationalism continues to provoke heated debate within the Christian world. Highly acclaimed theologian Dr. Charles C. Ryrie addresses this crucial issue from the perspective of classic dispensationalism. He confronts the views of covenant theology, historical premillennialism, ultradispensationalism, and, in this revised edition, the increasingly popular progressive dispensationalism.

In his best-selling book Dispensationalism Today, written more than thirty years ago, Dr. Ryrie made this complex subject more understandable for thousands worldwide. This revised and expanded version of that book will prove to be an invaluable reference tool for your library.
A $12.95 value


The Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit

Revised and expanded edition

All students of Scripture can benefit from this concise, practical study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. All the doctrinal essentials are here, clearly organized and explained by the renowned scholar who prepared the Ryrie Study Bible. Avoiding confusion and trendiness, Dr. Ryrie sticks uncompromisingly to the revealed Word of God to answer questions such as:

  • What is Spirit baptism?
  • What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?
  • What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?
  • What about the spiritual gift of tongues?
  • What is true spiritual power?

This revised and expanded edition includes:

  • Two new chapters on contemporary issues related to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • New overview charts provide a bird's-eye views of complex issues
  • Handy subject and Scripture indexes for quick reference
  • An updated selected bibliography for further study

A $12.95 value


Revelation, New EditionRevelation, New Edition
Revised and expanded edition

The book of Revelation, according to Charles Ryrie, was 'designed not to mystify but to clarify.' This refreshing and concise new edition, with its helpful charts and graphs, is written especially for those who want to understand and effectively teach what lies ahead in God's plan.

Dr. Ryrie's careful attention to detail and understandable explanations will not only help to clear some of the mystery surrounding the book of Revelation, but heighten your confidence that God's victory over Satan, death, and sin is only a matter of time.
A $12.95 value


Balancing the Christian Life Balancing the Christian Life
Secrets to blending your relationship with God into all areas of your life

Genuine and wholesome spirituality is the goal of all Christian living.What sounds simple, Ryrie warns is at risk from 'an unbalanced application of the doctrines related to spirituality resulting in an unbalanced Christian life.' The answer to preventing unbalance is to know how to study the Bible in such a way as to let it 'be the guide and test for all our experiences in the spiritual life...and if any experience fails to pass the test, it must be discarded.' In this foundational work for all believers, Ryrie examines key issues of spirituality, including sanctification, temptation, routine faithfulness and use of spiritual gifts.
A $13.95 value


Acts of the Apostles Acts of the Apostles
A masterful exposition of every important aspect of church government, evangelism and mission

A commentary and study guide designed for laypeople, this work deals seriously with the biblical text on the Acts of the Apostles without being overly technical. Introductory information, doctrinal themes, problem passages and practical applications are examined. If you have wondered when and what prompted Paul to use his Roman name in place of his given Jewish name Saul, you will find that and many other fascinating background facts in Ryrie's Acts of the Apostles.
A $9.95 value


A Survey of Bible DoctrineA Survey of Bible Doctrine
Key doctrinal concepts provide excellent material for sermon and teaching preparation

This is an easy-to-understand overview of the various doctrines of the Bible written especially for the layperson. Ryrie examines a wide range of topics, including: the nature of God, the inspiration of Scripture, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the angelic world, the nature and depravity of humans, salvation, the church, and the end times. Ryrie argues for the contemporary relevance of the Bible in this accessible and engaging survey of its key teachings.
A $13.95 value

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Works of Charles Ryrie (10 volumes)

Works of Charles Ryrie (10 volumes)

Save now on these invaluable reference tools for PC Study Bible.


Requires Program PCSB Version 5 or OneTouch (find out more)

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