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Charles Ryrie Collection (4 volumes)

Save now on these brand new titles for PC Study Bible. By Charles Ryrie.

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Save now on these brand new titles for PC Study Bible

Revelation, New Edition Revelation, New Edition

The book of Revelation, according to Charles Ryrie, was “designed not to mystify but to clarify.” With text often viewed as hidden and mysterious by casual readers, this refreshing and concise new edition, with its helpful charts and graphs, is written especially for those who want to understand and effectively teach what lies ahead in God's plan.

Dr. Ryrie's careful attention to detail and understandable explanations will not only help to clear some of the mystery surrounding the book of Revelation, but heighten your confidence that God's victory over Satan, death, and sin is only a matter of time.

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Balancing the Christian Life Balancing the Christian Life

Genuine and wholesome spirituality is the goal of all Christian living.What sounds simple, Ryrie warns is at risk from “an unbalanced application of the doctrines related to spirituality resulting in an unbalanced Christian life.” The answer to preventing unbalance is to know how to study the Bible in such a way as to let it “be the guide and test for all our experiences in the spiritual life...and if any experience fails to pass the test, it must be discarded.” In this foundational work for all believers, Ryrie examines key issues of spirituality, including sanctification, temptation, routine faithfulness and use of spiritual gifts.

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Acts of the Apostles Acts of the Apostles

A commentary and study guide designed for laypeople, this work deals seriously with the biblical text on the Acts of the Apostles without being overly technical. Introductory information, doctrinal themes, problem passages and practical applications are examined. If you have wondered when and what prompted Paul to use his Roman name in place of his given Jewish name Saul, you will find that and many other fascinating background facts in Ryrie's Acts of the Apostles.

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A Survey of Bible Doctrine A Survey of Bible Doctrine

This is an easy-to-understand overview of the various doctrines of the Bible written especially for the layperson. Ryrie examines a wide range of topics, including: the nature of God, the inspiration of Scripture, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the angelic world, the nature and depravity of humans, salvation, the church, and the end times. Ryrie argues for the contemporary relevance of the Bible in this accessible and engaging survey of its key teachings.

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Charles Ryrie Collection (4 volumes)

Charles Ryrie Collection (4 volumes)

Save now on these brand new titles for PC Study Bible. By Charles Ryrie.

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