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OneTouch MAC Study Bible Professional Series

Onetouch MAC Study Bible Professional Series
. . . an inspirational, informative and interactive study tool like none other!
BIBLESOFT offers you more content, more capabilities, more results, and more savings! 

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BIBLESOFT® has taken the Professional Reference Library to a new level!   

More than just a library, (although this Professional Series includes ALL of the reference works found in Version 5; plus enhanced content worth an additional $5,200 if purchased separately) the NEW OneTouch MAC Study Bible program expands the user's ability to study and search on their desktop an beyond! The program is resident on your desktop and does not require wifi/internet to operate the program; and when you are connected, there are many additional benefits!

The NEW  MAC Study Bible user interface is more modern, inspirational, informative and interactive (and does not require a touch screen). The backgound, images and Bible verse change automatically, the time and date are in realtime, and you can instantly access many popular search and study tool options with just one click!:

There are tools and features that will help you SEARCH SMART and STUDY SMART:


More than a name, it is an incredible search tool that produces results from any search in a "quick view" multi-category/mini-paragraph format featuring the first few lines of the search result with a picture relating to the resource where it is found!

Yes, that is a mouthful! But, it means you take away the guessing and get right to the point . . . resulting in finding what you want faster, with more information then ever before! Finally a search tool that is smart enough to keep up with your study needs!


Like having a study tutor . . . 

When you study, you do not need to be slowed down trying to find ways to accomplish things that will help enhance your study experience or keep you on track when you are facing a deadline to finish what you are doing. That is why the New OneTouch has integrated tools that work in various study panes into a quick access link that is almost as good as having a tutor in your pocket! 
SMART TOOLS offers you fast access to tools that you may not otherwise find or realize are at your disposal in OneTouch PC Study Bible!

Get all Biblical resources in your study series linked with ONE click when you enter the Bible book, chapter and verse you desire to study . . .

SMART LINKS automatically supplies you with an exhaustive table of contents of any reference to the same book, chapter and verse found in your Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons, media, maps, articles and books!  
Plus, Smart Links makes it easy to navigate through each resource one at a time without getting over whelmed by too many windows! Just copy and paste what you need into your own personal commentary notes feature as you review all the resources.

The tools you are accustomed to using while you study are now even easier to access:


There is expanded Language Study with the long-awaited addition of HEBREW:

There are FREE tools and features included with the NEW  Series that inspire and inform you including Inspirational News/Current Events, a FREE Book Club where you receive an electronic book that can be integrated with PC Study Bible every two weeks, access to the NEW Scholar's Blog (with more to come for all levels of interest), and direct access to your beloved devotionals!:


There are links to NEW areas of resource material that are integrated with PC Study Bible. In the coming months, BIBLESOFT is introducing its NEW Children's division featuring resources for Kids & Youth integrated into PC Study Bible!: 

There is asocial network community of people (just like you) where you can share and grow in a God-centered environment:

Here is a list of additional titles included in this edition of  MAC Study Bible Professional Series:
Bibles and Concordances
King James Version, with Strong's Numbers [5.1-2]
New American Standard - Updated, with Strong's Numbers [5.1-2]
New Testament: An American Translation by E. J. Goodspeed
The New Testament In Modern English
The Apologetics Study Bible
Lexham English Bible 
New Heart English Bible
New Heart English Bible (Messianic Edition)
New Heart English Bible (NT with Aramaic names)
The One New Man Bible  [NEW]
Foreign Language Bibles
Luther's German Bible version
Tyndale Bible version
Louis Segond 1910 French Translation
Foreign Language Bible collection
Cross-References (Topical Bible)
Scofield Bible Reference Index  [NEW]
Commentary Sets
The Expositor's Bible
Exposition of the Old and New Testaments, by John Gill
Exposition of the Whole Bible, by G. Campbell Morgan
Expositions of Holy Scripture, by Alexander MacLaren
Expository Notes of Thomas Constable
The Annotated Bible, by Arno C. Gaebelein
Christian Workers' Commentary on the Old and New Testaments
Darby's Synopsis of the Bible
Great Texts of the Bible, ed. James Hastings
Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary
Ironside Commentaries: Expository Writings and Related Tracts of Henry Allen Ironside
Ironside's Bible: Notes and Quotes from the Margins
Notes from My Bible, by D. L. Moody
Scofield Bible Notes
Spurgeon's Concise Commentary
Through the Bible, by F. B. Meyer
New Testament Commentaries
Abbott's Illustrated New Testament
The People's New Testament
Popular Commentary on the New Testament, ed. by Philip Schaff
Commentary on Matthew, by Charles Spurgeon
Commentary on Revelation, by E. W. Bullinger 
The Revelation of St. John, by E. W. Hengstenberg  [NEW]
Commentary on the Gospel of John, by E. W. Hengstenberg
The Gospel of John, by E. J. Goodspeed
Hebrews, by E. J. Goodspeed
The Acts of the Apostles Explained, by J. A. Alexander
Historical Commentary on Galatians, by W. M. Ramsay  [NEW]
Romans Verse-by-Verse, by William Newell
The Four-fold Gospel, by J. W. McGarvey
Notes on the Parables of the Lord, by R. C. Trench
Notes on the Miracles of the Lord, by R. C. Trench
** Commentary on 1 Corinthians, by Spiros Zodhiates
Old Testament Commentaries
Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the OT: Second Biblesoft Version [NEW]
The Gospel in the Old Testament (Genesis-Deuteronomy)
Notes on the Pentateuch, by C. H. Mackintosh
Handbook on the Pentateuch, by Victor P. Hamilton
Handbook on the Historical Books, by Victor P. Hamilton
Handbook on the Prophets, by Robert B. Chisholm
Handbook on the Wisdom Books and Psalms, by Daniel J. Estes
Bible Handbooks and Surveys
Holman Bible Handbook
Introduction to the New Testament, by Louis Berkhof
Introduction to the New Testament, by E. J. Goodspeed
The Story of the New Testament, by E. J. Goodspeed
New Chapters in New Testament Study, by E. J. Goodspeed
How to Enjoy the Bible
Daily Devotionals
Daily Bible Illustrations, by John Kitto  [NEW]
Our Daily Walk, by F. B. Meyer
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Holman Bible Dictionary
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Kitto's Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature [NEW]
Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible: one-volume edition
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament
Hawker's Poor Man's Dictionary [NEW]
Buck's Theological Dictionary  [NEW]
Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
131 Christians Everyone Should Know
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)  [5.2]
Word Study Reference Works
Complete Word Study Old Testament
Complete Word Study New Testament 
Trench's Synonyms of the New Testament
Girdlestone's Synonyms of the Old Testament
Figures of Speech, by E. W. Bullinger
Berry's Synonyms of the New Testament
Lexicons and Grammars
Complete Word Study Old Testament Dictionary
Complete Word Study New Testament Dictionary
Liddell and Scott Abridged Greek Lexicon
Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament
Moulton-Milligan Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament  [NEW]
Syntax of the Moods and Tenses in NT Greek, by E. de Witt Burton
Grammar of the Greek New Testament, by A. T. Robertson
Grammar of Septuagint Greek: With Selected Readings, Vocabularies, and Updated Indexes
User-Friendly Greek
Hebrew Syntax, by A. B. Davidson  [NEW]
Interlinear Bibles
Biblesoft Interlinear (Textus Receptus)
Word Databases and Morphological Search
Hebrew Morphological Search (Westminster Leningrad Codex & BHS)  [NEW]
Greek Morphological Search (NA27)  [5.1-2]
Hebrew & Aramaic Word Databases  [[NEW]]
Greek Word Database (LXX)  [[NEW]]
English Word Database  [5.1-2]
Additional Greek and Hebrew Texts
Westminster Leningrad Codex (Bible versions)
SBL Greek New Testament
Tregelles Greek New Testament
Von Soden Greek New Testament 
Nestle Greek New Testament (1904) with Morphology and Strong's numbers
Patriarchal Greek New Testament (1904 & 1912 Antoniades) with Morphology and Strong's numbers
Textus Receptus (Elzevir, 1624)with Morphology and Strong's numbers
Apostolic Fathers (Greek)
Works of Josephus (Greek)
Peshitta Syriac New Testament
Theology and Doctrine
The Greater Men and Women of the Bible
The Great Christian Doctrines
Summary of Christian Doctrine, by Louis Berkhof
Systematic Theology, by Louis Berkhof
Systematic Theology, by A. H. Strong [NEW]
Doctrines on Grace, by Charles Spurgeon
Lectures on Theology, by Charles Finney
Biblical Theology of the Old  Testament
Biblical Theology of the New Testament
Moody Handbook of Theology
History and Historical Works
Illustrated History of the Bible, by John Kitto  [NEW]
Palestine: From the Patriarchal Age to the Present Time, by John Kitto  [NEW]
Edersheim's Old Testament History
The Dead Sea Scrolls Today
Christian Beginnings and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
Lutheran Book of Concord
Dante's Divine Comedy (Italian & English transl)
In Praise of Folly, by Desiderius Erasmus
Penseés, by Blaise Pascal
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Edward Gibbon
Christian Living / Devotional Literature
Works on Prayer by E. M. Bounds
Practice of the Presence of God
The Training of the Twelve, by A. B. Bruce
The God of All Comfort & The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life
The Pursuit of God
Man - The Dwelling Place of God
Orthodoxy, by G. K. Chesterton
Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts
Sermons and Pastoral Helps
Spurgeon's Sermons - 63 Volume Collection
Selected Sermons of George Whitefield
Sermons of Thomas de Witt Talmage
Sermons of Thomas de Witt Talmage
Selected Sermons by J. C. Philpot
Meditations by J. C. Philpot
An Encyclopedia of Illustrations by Charles Spurgeon [NEW]
Moody's Anecdotes and Illustrations
Moody's Stories
Bible Characters, by D. L. Moody
Sermons on Gospel Themes and Selected Sermons, by Charles Finney
Biblical Character studies by F. B. Meyer
Expository Preaching: Plans and Methods, by F. B. Meyer
Essay on the Composition of a Sermon, by Jean Claude
New Cyclopedia of Prose Illustrations  [NEW]
1001 Quotes, Illustrations and Humorous Stories for Preachers…
Other Bible Helps
Holman Bible Atlas
Plus all of the following content from the Professional Reference Library Version 5:

System Requirements:  MAC COMPUTERS ONLY (There is a different product selecion for PC Version)
  •         8 GB RAM bare minimum (16 GB RAM recommended)
  •         Apple OSX High Sierra 10.13 ONLY
  •         USB Port
  •         11GB available hard drive space minimum
  •         Mouse or compatible pointing device required
  •         256 color display support, 1024 x 768 resolution recommended

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OneTouch MAC Study Bible Professional Series

OneTouch MAC Study Bible Professional Series

Onetouch MAC Study Bible Professional Series
. . . an inspirational, informative and interactive study tool like none other!
BIBLESOFT offers you more content, more capabilities, more results, and more savings! 

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