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New American Commentary Series (37 Volume)

New American Commentary Series (37 Volumes)

The New American Commentary represents the finest in contemporary evangelical scholarship, and lends itself to the practical work of preaching and teaching.
Our Price: $689.95
Sale Price: $599.95
You Save $90.00!

Christian History & Biography

Explore the rich heritage of your faith with this massive collection from Christian History & Biography! Since 1982 this quarterly magazine has documented the lively and enriching stories of Christian history. Now you can benefit from this extensive work in PC Study Bible. Quickly navigate the numerous articles with the convenient Topical Index, or read the articles in book or commentary form. Ranging from Constantine to C.S. Lewis, from Martin Luther to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, nearly 2000 articles from hundreds of authors will give you a fresh appreciation for Christianity from its foundations to present-day.

Includes Issues 1-99

  • Issue 1: Zinzendorf & the Moravians
  • Issue 2: John Wesley: Leader of the Methodist Movement
  • Issue 3: John Wycliffe: Bible Translator
  • Issue 4: Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation
  • Issue 5: Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists
  • Issue 6: The Baptists
  • Issue 7: C. S. Lewis: His Life, Thought, & Theology
  • Issue 8: Jonathan Edwards & the Great Awakening
  • Issue 9: Heritage of Freedom: Dissenters, Reformers, & Pioneers
  • Issue 10: Pietism: The Inner Experience of Faith
  • Issue 11: John Bunyan & Pilgrim's Progress
  • Issue 12: John Calvin: Reformer, Pastor, And Theologian
  • Issue 13: Jan Amos Comenius: Father of Modern Education
  • Issue 14: Money in Christian History
  • Issue 15: St. Augustine of Hippo
  • Issue 16: William Tyndale: Early Reformer & Bible Translator
  • Issue 17: Women in the Early Church
  • Issue 18: How Christianity Came To Russia
  • Issue 19: Money in Christian History, Part II
  • Issue 20: Charles Finney: American Revivalism
  • Issue 21: Casper Schwenckfeld: Forgotten Reformer
  • Issue 22: Waldensians: Medieval “Evangelicals”
  • Issue 23: Spiritual Awakenings in North America
  • Issue 24: Bernard of Clairvaux, Medieval Reformer and Mystic
  • Issue 25: Dwight L. Moody: 19th c. Evangelist
  • Issue 26: William & Catherine Booth: Salvation Army Founders
  • Issue 27: Persecution in the Early Church
  • Issue 28: 100 Most Important Events in Church History
  • Issue 29: Charles Spurgeon: England's “Prince of Preachers”
  • Issue 30: Women in the Medieval Church
  • Issue 31: Golden Age of Hymns
  • Issue 32: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Theologian in Nazi Germany
  • Issue 33: Christianity & the Civil War
  • Issue 34: Martin Luther: The Reformer’s Early Years
  • Issue 35: Columbus & Christianity in the Americas
  • Issue 36: William Carey: 19th c. Missionary to India
  • Issue 37: Worship in the Early Church
  • Issue 38: George Whitefield: 17th c. Preacher & Revivalist
  • Issue 39: Martin Luther: The Later Years
  • Issue 40: The Crusades
  • Issue 41: The American Puritans
  • Issue 42: St. Francis of Assisi
  • Issue 43: How We Got Our Bible, Canon to King James
  • Issue 44: John Chrysostom: Legendary Early Church Preacher
  • Issue 45: Camp Meetings & Circuit Riders: Frontier Revivals
  • Issue 46: John Knox & the Scottish Reformation
  • Issue 47: The Apostle Paul & His Times
  • Issue 48: Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation
  • Issue 49: Everyday Faith in the middle Ages
  • Issue 50: Christianity & the American Revolution
  • Issue 51: Heresy in the Early Church
  • Issue 52: Hudson Taylor & Missions to China
  • Issue 53: William Wilberforce: Fighting the Slave Trade
  • Issue 54: Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Issue 55: The Monkey Trial & the Rise of Fundamentalism
  • Issue 56: David Livingstone: Missionary-explorer in Africa
  • Issue 57: Converting the Empire: Early Church Evangelism
  • Issue 58: The Rise of Pentecostalism
  • Issue 59: Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth
  • Issue 60: How the Irish Were Saved
  • Issue 61: A History of the Second Coming
  • Issue 62: Bound for Canaan: Africans in America
  • Issue 63: How the Vikings took up the Faith
  • Issue 64: Anthony & the Desert Fathers: Extreme Faith
  • Issue 65: Ten Influential Christians of the 20th Century
  • Issue 66: How the West was Really Won
  • Issue 67: St. Augustine: Sinner, Bishop, Saint
  • Issue 68: Jan Hus: Incendiary Preacher of Prague
  • Issue 69: The Wesley’s: Founders of Methodism
  • Issue 70: Dante's Guide to Heaven and Hell
  • Issue 71: The French Huguenots and the Wars of Religion
  • Issue 72: How We Got Our History
  • Issue 73: Thomas Aquinas: Greatest Medieval Theologian
  • Issue 74: Christians & Muslims
  • Issue 75: G.K. Chesterton: Prolific Writer & Apologist
  • Issue 76: The Christian Face of the Scientific Revolution
  • Issue 77: Jonathan Edwards: Puritan Pastor & Theologian
  • Issue 78: J.R.R. Tolkien & Lord of the Rings
  • Issue 79: African Apostles: Black Evangelists in Africa
  • Issue 80: The First Bible Teachers
  • Issue 81: John Newton: Author of “Amazing Grace”
  • Issue 82: Phoebe Palmer: Mother of the Holiness Movement
  • Issue 83: Mary in the Imagination of the Church
  • Issue 84: Pilgrims & Exiles: Amish, Mennonites, & Brethren
  • Issue 85: The Council of Nicaea: Debating Jesus’ Divinity
  • Issue 86: George MacDonald: Writer Who Inspired C.S. Lewis
  • Issue 87: Christianity in India: A Faith of Many Colors
  • Issue 88: C. S. Lewis: Pointing People to Reality
  • Issue 89: Richard Baxter & the English Puritans
  • Issue 90: Adoniram & Ann Judson: American Mission Pioneers
  • Issue 91: Michelangelo: Art for Faith’s Sake
  • Issue 92: America’s 20th Century Evangelical Awakening
  • Issue 93: St. Benedict & Western Monasticisms
  • Issue 94: Building the City of God in a Crumbling World
  • Issue 95: The Gospel According to J.S. Bach
  • Issue 96: The Gnostic Hunger for Secret Knowledge
  • Issue 97: The Holy Land
  • Issue 98: Christianity in China
  • Issue 99: Faith & the American Presidency


All issues are grouped, by year, in the order they were published, accessible from the table of contents outline under Books/General Books

Each issue contains a 'Did You Know?' set of interesting or lesser-known facts about the subject

Each issue contains around 10 featured articles

There is also a convenient Timeline for the main subject/topic of each issue

Also there is a 'Gallery' of significant persons, related to the subject/topic, for nearly every issue.

Often, relevant (selected) writings or documents from the period are included

There is also a Bibliography ('Recommended Resources') for each issue's main subject

The associated Topical Index, created by Biblesoft, allows for quick and easy access into the articles, according to more t han 1,200 relevant Topics

Under each Topic, links to the articles appear, in order of publication date and printed order

Our Price: $495.95
Sale Price: $379.95
You Save $116.00!

Collected Writings of John Nelson Darby (52 Vols)

John Nelson Darby is heralded by many as the "father of dispensationalism". The Collected Writings of John Nelson Darby (52 vols.) brings together John Nelson Darby's incredible output of writings.

Our Price: $566.48
Sale Price: $379.95
You Save $186.53!

The Encyclopedia of Christianity - 5 Volumes

The Encyclopedia of Christianity (EC) is a monumental 5-volume reference work that addresses the broad interest  in Christianity and religion around the world today. Comprehensive, up-to-date,  and reflecting the highest standard in scholarship, the EC describes the Christian  faith and community in the myriad of forms today and throughout the 2,000-plus  years of Christian history.
Our Price: $550.00
Sale Price: $339.95
You Save $210.05!

Boice's Expositional Commentaries (27-volume)

The popular Boice Expositional Commentary Series is now available for PC Study Bible Version 5. Boice’s clear language and approachable style make these commentaries accessible and enlightening for pastors, teachers and Bible students. His verse-by-verse and subject-by-subject explanations help readers make sense of the overall structure and intricate meaning of each book.

Our Price: $377.70
Sale Price: $309.95
You Save $67.75!

MacArthur NT Commentary

The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series Now 26 Volumes

Good, solid analysis and clear presentation make this best-selling commentary series an excellent resource for pastor, student or layperson alike.
Our Price: $399.95
Sale Price: $309.95
You Save $90.00!

The Early Christian Church Study Collection – 65-Volume Bundle

Our Early Christian Church Study Collection adds a powerful combination of the original writings of the early church fathers with the supporting resources of Schaff’s 8-volume History of the Christian Church and the 12-volume McClintock & Strong’s Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature.
Our Price: $379.85
Sale Price: $299.95
You Save $79.90!

Reformation Classics Bundled I and II Collection

Reformation Classics Collection -- 331 Titles Including Works of Calvin, Luther and all Major Reformers

Following Biblesoft's release of the Reformation Classics Collection -- First Edition, the Reformation Classics Bundled Collection combines the 155 titles concentrating on the works from Luther, Calvin and Simmons with those of the later Swiss and English reformers. This combined 331-title collection also includes an eight-volume history of the entire Reformation.

Our Price: $1,599.90
Sale Price: $274.95
You Save $1,324.95!

Lenski's Commentary on the New Testament - 20 Volumes

Pastors and students of the Bible who seek deep and detailed engagement with the text of the New Testament have long relied on R. C. H. Lenski's classic text - now available again.
Our Price: $599.95
Sale Price: $269.95
You Save $330.00!

The Book of Life - 22 Volumes

The Bible comes to life in this 22-Volume Commentary Set. The Book of Life takes you back into the life and setting of Biblical people as though you were there. You will see clearly where and how they lived and what they said and did. This set will appeal to young and old alike with its photos, artifacts, archaeology, charts, diagrams and word studies integrated with the power of PC Study Bible.
Our Price: $249.95
Sale Price: $239.95
You Save $10.00!


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