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great, March 28, 2014
Reviewer: Anthony Drury (ATLANTIC BEACH, FL United States)
A1 very easy to use.
20 years, ****** data base.

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Easy to use, September 27, 2012
Reviewer: Scott Mcculloch (marsing, ID United States)
This is the best and easiest bible software to use. I could not study now without it. If you are afraid of computer software be not afraid of this- they have made it very simple to use!

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I'm happy I upgraded to the Professional Version, March 18, 2011
Reviewer: Keith Malkowski (MILWAUKEE, WI United States)
I've been a PC Study Bible user since the days of version 2 (early 1990's). I have upgraded over the years and recently upgraded to version 5 Professional Reference Library and I couldn't be happier. The Professional version provides me with everything I need. The large selection of dictionaries and commentaries is just what I needed for my in-depth studies. I would recommend anyone with the Advanced Reference Library to consider upgrading to the Professional version. You won't be disappointed.

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Professional Reference Library, November 26, 2010
Reviewer: Tony Brown (Kanata, ON Canada)
I've been using PC Study Bible for more years than I can recollect. The Professional Reference Library continually aids me in personal study and research. Frankly I cannot imagine life without it. The technical support is superb. It is easy to use and a stable software product.

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I Use Professional in Teaching, May 24, 2010
No program has been more useful to me in simply displaying my steps as I expound the text of Scripture.  I teach 12 hours per week in a correctional institution.  The men do not have books.  I am now able to give them access to the best evangelical books, dictionaries, and commentaries by loading PCSB onto computers in their own library.  I also am teaching portions of Scripture with the screen open before them so they can learn methods of Bible study by following along.   The program is so easy for them to master, and they in turn are becoming well qualified students of the Word and Theology!  1 open library is feeding dozens of lives.

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Quite a few Features but Buggy in Version 5.0F., June 20, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous (OMAK, WA United States)
The program has quite a few useful features to help a person study the Bible. If you use it quite a bit though you will find that it has some bugs (known to BibleSoft but they go unfixed). Slow scrolling is one problem, crashes, doesn't sometimes restore the Desktop, etc. I have used it on Windows Vista and XP Pro.

BibleSoft puts out quite a few add-ons for the program which is nice but I wish they would pay more attention to fixing the bugs in the program. (I have used their software for quite a few years.)

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Biblesoft Superior All Around, January 10, 2009
Reviewer: TL Thompson (Verdunville, WV United States)
I ordered the Professional Library as a Christmas gift for my husband.  I was awaiting the arrival of the package when I received a call from Sharon at BibleSoft--they had been shut down by the incredible snow storm of 2008!  She went above and beyond and I received my product Christmas Eve afternoon!  I cannot thank her and BiblesSoft enough.  She even phoned after the holidays to make sure everything arrived.  She's a gem !

My husband is extremely pleased with his Professional Library.  He is a minister and teacher so he appreciates the specialized reference materials,  commentaries, and especially the ease of use.  This is wonderful software.

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Great for Graduate Students, July 28, 2008
Reviewer: Thomas Martin (Marion, VA United States)
The  Professional Reference Library has saved me several times in my counseling coursework at Liberty University.  The learning curve is easy and the software is very powerful.  I have owned other Biblical Software before, and BibleSoft is far above the rest.  Additionally, Account Executive Chad Grubbs went out of his way to insure my specific needs were met regarding my graduate studies.  Not only is this a great product, but BibleSoft has great people backing their product.

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Best / Comprehensive Software Package, February 5, 2008
Reviewer: Cheryl & Jerry Liebrand (Hermantown, MN United States)
I’ve tried other software packages (Logos & Ages) and they are good, but each has its limitations.  However, while the Professional Reference Library has its annoying bugs / flaws, it is still head and shoulders above its competitors for those who are serious about studying the bible.  For the casual user, you do not need the depth and breath PRL offers.  For users who are short on time but want to do in-depth ‘search the scriptures’ using numerous sources to compare the original language word studies to commentaries from various authors at 1 sitting, this is the ‘user friendly’ program I’ve recommended.  Originally I've started with the Complete Reference Library.  As I needed additional resource material we upgraded to Advanced Reference Library.  With the resource / flexibility of the PRL, it was a easy decision to upgrade to PRL.

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The Best investment in study aids I have ever made, January 2, 2008
I cannot adequately describe the value of the program for research and study.  It has to have saved me money because If I need the information it is already there.  The ease of navigation and the smooth transition from the other versions which I have had ever since V.3 really allowed me not to have to relearn what I already learned.  I absoulutely view this as a must have no matter what level of study you require.  It is definitely a program developed by people with a desire to get the understanding of God's word into the hands of his people and the money is secondary.  A special blessing on all those that had a part in it getting to me.

Elder Alvin Sanders
Kindom of Heaven Ministries

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