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The Understanding God Series (10 vol.)

  The Understanding God Series

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Understanding God, is a popular ten-volume collection from the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Tony Evans. This series is designed to help you grow spiritually in the essentials of the faith: understanding the awesomeness of God, His son Jesus - the King of Glory, the gift of His Holy Spirit, the role of the Church and the power of His Word. Know what it means to be saved, to wage spiritual warfare and to follow Christ with this inspiring collection.

Godís Glorious Church:
The Mystery and Mission of the Body of Christ

This is a book about the church, the most important spiritual institution in human history. Tony Evans helps the church discover its identity and purpose for existence, and provides believers with a biblically healthy context to grow and live out their lives by faith. This book will inspire you to help make your place of worship all that God intends it to be.

Our God is Awesome:
Encountering the Greatness of God

Godís sovereignty inspires our worship. His omnipotence guides our lives. The more we learn about Godís attributes, the more awestruck we become. In his captivating style, Tony Evans explores the characteristics of God and challenges readers to a deeper level of intimacy with the Father.

Returning to Your First Love:
Putting God Back in First Place

Addiction, immorality, broken relationships Ė we all suffer spiritual setbacks. In Returning to Your First Love, readers will learn how to return to God and keep working out the most important relationship in our lives.

The Promise:
Experiencing Godís Greatest Gift the Holy Spirit

Christ promised Heíd send a helper. The Holy Spirit is a real person who desires to guide our thoughts and actions toward the holiness of God. Tony Evans unfolds the work of the Holy Spirit in this very practical and helpful study of the third person of the Trinity.

The Battle is the Lordís:
Waging Victorious Spiritual Warfare

Just because many of us ignore spiritual warfare does not mean weíre not in an intense battle. Tony Evans tackles this difficult and theologically complex issue with the intensity, skill, and biblical foundation readers have come to expect. He systematically reveals Satanís strategies and helps readers fight back.

Who is This King of Glory?
Experiencing the Fullness of Christís Work in Our Lives

Jesusí parables and teaching come alive in this sweeping study of the four gospels. Tony Evans shines fresh light on the words of Jesus, giving readers a more personal understanding of Christís personality and His work on earth.

The Best is Yet to Come:
Bible Prophecies Through the Ages

The Bibleís prophetic passages do far more than simply satisfy our curiosity about tomorrow. Theyíre supposed to impact our lives today. In this compelling book, Tony Evans explores the crucial topics of prophecy Ė including Heaven, Hell, the Tribulation, and the Anti-Christ. Readers will come to understand how prophecy shapes our lives today.

What Matters Most:
Four Absolute Necessities in Following Christ

What are the central precepts a person should know to fully follow Christ? As only he can, Tony Evans very clearly presents what he terms "four absolute necessities" to following the Lord. Readers will be led into a more intense, passionate walk with Christ as they come to understand whatís required.

Totally Saved:
Understanding, Experiencing, and Enjoying the Greatness of Your Salvation

Many followers of Christ need to have a deeper understanding of sin and our resultant need for salvation. In his well known confrontational yet compassionate style, Tony Evans challenges readers to gain a deeper appreciation of their salvation by comprehending how sin offends and separates us from the Holy One. Get prepared to have your gratitude for salvation "totally" deepened and your walk with Christ "totally" transformed.

The Transforming Word:
Discovering the Power and Provision of the Bible

Go beyond merely reading to receiving God's Word! Discussing the transforming power of Scripture's divinely inspired truth, Evans encourages you to open your life to this awesome agent of change. Explaining where the Bible came from and why it's so unique, this reader-friendly look at God's amazing book helps clarify why it's still history's bestseller.
NOTE: This add-on is compatible with PC Study Bible Version 4 and 5. For it to operate, you must have a pre-installed Version 4 or 5 library.

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The Understanding God Series (10 vol.) $69.95

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