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Thayer's New Greek-English Lexicon

  Thayer's New Greek-English Lexicon

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Introducing the complete and expanded edition of Thayer's New Greek-English Lexicon! We've gone back to the original text of this excellent word study resource and created a new electronic edition that is easy to use, read, and understand -- whether you know Greek or not.

A valuable resource made useful for everyone.
Thayer's has long been considered one of the finest Greek-English dictionaries available. But because of its cryptic notations and use of original language, Thayer's helpful word study information has largely been reserved for scholars or language experts. Not anymore!

Precise word study information you won't find anywhere else.
Now with this complete and expanded electronic edition of Thayer's, you'll have easy access to a detailed definition for every word in the Greek New Testament. And because Thayer's explains and illustrates each variation of a word with both biblical and extra-biblical references, you'll also have the precise information you need to fully understand the particular usage you are interested in. You simply won't find this important information in any other title we offer!

Thayer's is now easier to use.
Biblesoft has made Thayer's entries more accessible by expanding the abbreviations and notations, so they are easy to read. And we've reformatted the text into helpful outlines so you can easily follow along with any definition. Thayer's is indexed by Strong's numbering system, so you'll be able to quickly find any entry — whether you know Greek or not. And, as always, you can instantly display any of the Bible references listed for a definition.

PC Study Bible and Thayer's -- a powerful Bible study combination
Thayer's automatically integrates with your existing PC Study Bible library and lets you access its helpful word study information as you use your favorite Bible translations, dictionaries, and commentaries. PC Study Bible's SmartReferences™ will let you know when Thayer's has information on the word or passage you are studying.
NOTE: This add-on is compatible with PC Study Bible Version 4 and 5. For it to operate, you must have a pre-installed Version 4 or 5 library.

The product photos shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only. All reference works are supplied on CD or via online download.

Product Details

Product Code: ThayersNB00038

Download size: 19 MB

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Thayer's New Greek-English Lexicon $49.95

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