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The NIV Family

  The NIV Family®

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NOTE: This product is restricted to distribution in the United States and Canada. NIV Family will not be shipped to any non-US or Canadian address and it is not available as a download.

The NIV Family> is three audience-specific versions of the NIV the most widely accepted contemporary Bible translation today. With the NIV Family for PC Study Bible, you get all three of the Family versions including the New International Version, NIV, Today's New International Version, TNIV , and the New International Reader's Version, NIrV and all for one low price.

Though the NIV, TNIV and NIrV are now sold as the NIV Family, they operate independently, as did the previous versions, in PC Study Bible.

New International Version NIV

More than 100 scholars from six English-speaking countries and more than 20 denominations, as well as editors and English stylists, worked on the NIV. Taking 10 years to complete, the NIV translation was created, and is maintained, with the mandate to accurately and faithfully translate the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic biblical texts into clearly understandable English.

The NIV is the most widely accepted contemporary Bible translation today. More people today buy the NIV Bible than any other English-language translation.

Today's New International Version TNIV

Built on the Heritage of the New International Version Bible, the Today's New International Version Bible is a text that reflects the NIV, but also clarifies and updates passages and words to provide a more timely, contemporary English translation for a new generation of Bible readers.

While older forms of English may not present a problem for some readers, they can present barriers to understanding and fully engaging the Bible for younger readers who have grown up using more-contemporary English.

The TNIV Committee on Bible Translation (CBT) attempted to make the TNIV a balanced, mediating version - one that would fall about halfway between the most literal and the most free. Strictly speaking, the TNIV is not a dynamic equivalence translation. In short, a balanced, mediating version avoids the extremes of some contemporary translations and achieves a balance that will appeal to the most people for the longest period of time.

The TNIV is distinct in using gender-accurate language only where the meaning of the original text was intended to include both men and women.

New International Reader's Version NIrV

The New International Reader's Version> is a new (1996) Bible version developed to enable early readers to understand God's message. Begun in 1992 and co-sponsored by International Bible Society and Zondervan Publishing House, the New International Reader's Version is a simplification of the New International Version (NIV), today's most popular translation of the Bible.

The NIrV was designed to make the Bible clear and understandable to early readers and can be read by a typical fourth grader. For this reason, it is also of value to the millions for whom English is a second language. It intends to be distinguished by five fundamental characteristicsreadability, understandability, compatibility with the NIV, reliability, and trustworthiness. It serves as a natural stepping-stone to the NIV when the time is right.

This add-on is compatible with PC Study Bible Version 5 libraries. For it to operate, your computer must have a pre-installed Version 5 library. If an existing PC Study Bible program is not installed, a program-only version will be installed to run this add-on content. This add-on will not install or work properly with any pre-installed PC Study Bible program prior to Version 5.

The product photos shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only. All reference works are supplied on CD or via online download.
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Product Code: NIVFAMILB00507

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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
NIV bible study in PC Bible soft, November 18, 2011
Reviewer: Disappointed (malaysia)
NIV is a HUGE TURNOFF for Biblesoftware as it is not usable outside of the USA or Canada

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