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The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands

  The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands

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by Barry J. Beitzel

Our Price: $49.95

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Travel to Palestine, the Mediterranean, the Near East, and North Africa...in 95 detailed maps!

• Full-color maps illustrating important Bible events
• Extensive coverage of the physical attributes of the Holy Land
• Descriptive commentary written from an evangelical perspective
• Interactive timeline of world history
• "Point and click" ability to measure distances on maps
• Ability to print maps directly from PC Study Bible

Let the Moody Atlas bring the events of the Bible to life for you!
From Abraham in Ur to Paul in Rome, from "Possible Locations of Eden" to "Early Christian Communities," the Moody Atlas portrays the events of the Bible for you in dozens of full-color maps. As you use these maps and read the accompanying text, you'll uncover fascinating background information that is not always apparent as you read the Bible text.

Understand the challenges of living in the Promised Land
The Moody Atlas also helps you grasp the topographic and environmental features that the inhabitants of this land faced. The Promised Land's relatively small size (comparable to Lake Erie or the state of Maryland), inhospitable climate, and forbidding landscape made it an unlikely candidate to be the home of God's chosen people. Using maps and extensive commentary, the atlas will help you understand why its less-than-ideal living conditions were the perfect means to foster faith.

PC Study Bible puts this helpful background information at your fingertips.
When you install the Moody Atlas, PC Study Bible completely integrates all of its helpful information and maps with your existing library! So as you read from the Bible, scroll through a commentary, or look up a definition, you'll automatically know when the Moody Atlas has a map or article related to what you are studying.

Put biblical events in historical perspective with the timeline.
What was the rest of the known world experiencing when David was king of Israel and Judah? Or when Jesus walked the earth? The Moody Atlas gives you a detailed timeline showing the parallel development of Egyptian, Palestinian, Mesopotamian, Syrian, Asian and Greco/Roman cultures. You can click on any event on the timeline to get related background information.

Print full-color maps directly from PC Study Bible
Now you can easily share these colorful maps with others. Just click on the new print button in PC Study Bible to instantly get a full-color printout of any map or article. Then use them to illustrate your point in Bible study groups and Sunday school classes. Nothing could be more convenient!
NOTE: This add-on is compatible with PC Study Bible Version 4 and 5. For it to operate, you must have a pre-installed Version 4 or 5 library.

The product photos shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only. All reference works are supplied on CD or via online download.

Product Details

Product Code: MoodyAtlB00030

Download size: 66 MB - Warning: The size of this file is very large and will take a lot of time to download (depending on your Internet connection). If you are on dial-up do not attempt to download this product. Instead, opt to ship it on CD.

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The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands $49.95

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