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  UBS Louw & Nida Greek Lexicon

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What the microscope is to the biologist, the lexicon is to the student of God’s Word. In both cases, the awe-inspiring details often produce great insights -- insights that are uniquely meaningful only in the context of the object under scrutiny.

UBS Louw-Nida: 5,594 words...over 25,000 meanings!
The UBS Louw-Nida differs from other lexicons in that it was originally designed to help translators. Most Greek lexicons arrange the 5,594 Greek words of the New Testament vocabulary alphabetically with a simple list of possible definitions -- leaving you, the reader, to carefully digest the examples in order to figure out which illustrate what meaning. Louw and Nida’s approach breaks words and idioms down by their various shades of meaning, then groups all of those entries together and organizes them by topics (called “domains”) and sub-topics. Examples of the 93 domains include: Natural Substances, Sensory Events and States, Kinship Terms, Religious Activities, Affirmation & Negation, and Moral & Ethical Qualities and Related Behavior. Grouping words into domains highlights the differences in meaning of these closely related words and idioms, which helps you discover the nuance differences between Greek words that share meanings.
NOTE: This add-on is compatible with PC Study Bible Version 4 and 5. For it to operate, you must have a pre-installed Version 4 or 5 library.

The product photos shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only. All reference works are supplied on CD or via online download.
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Customer Reviews

Love this greek work, September 27, 2012
Reviewer: Scott Mcculloch (marsing, ID United States)
This is one of the best greek works in my opinion. I often come to it  for in depth studies.

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