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The Book of Life - 22 Volumes


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Illustrated Family Bible Commentary by V. Gilbert Beers

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The Bible comes to life in this 22-Volume Commentary Set. The Book of Life takes you back into the life and setting of Biblical people as though you were there. You will see clearly where and how they lived and what they said and did. This set will appeal to young and old alike with its photos, artifacts, archaeology, charts, diagrams and word studies integrated with the power of PC Study Bible.

Praise for the Book of Life (view more)

Dr. Beers has produced a commendable, fascinating and useful BOOK OF LIFE. This masterpiece is a biblical tool which will be helpful for families and for individuals who wish to know what the Bible says and how it applies to daily life. I recommend it highly to those who wish to dig more deeply into the Word of God.

Billy Graham, Evangelist

You are to be commended for the content, the illustrations, and the presentation of the truth in this helpful new material. Every Christian family must come to know the content of the Bible, and I cannot think of a better vehicle than THE BOOK OF LIF. It is accurate, authoritative, and comprehensive.

John MacArthur, Jr.
, Author

The BOOK OF LIFE brings together an amazing presentation of scriptural truth suitable for all ages. Modern color photography has been lavishly used to illustrate biblical backgrounds and stories. THE BOOK OF LIFE can be heartily recommended as a storehouse of information faithful to the Word of God and suited for years of study and reference.

John F. Walvoord, Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary 


The Book of Life opened as a Book

The Book of Life opened as a Commentary

Topic integrated with PC Study Bible

What's Included

Volume 1: God's Pioneers

  • God creates all things
  • Adam and Eve are tempted and fall
  • Noah builds an ark for the Flood
  • Some men build a tower at Babel
  • Abraham moves from Ur
  • God makes a covenant with Abraham
  • Sodom is destroyed
  • Abraham offers Isaac
  • Isaac marries Rebekah and they have Jacob and Esau

Volume 2: Chosen People

  • Jacob deceives Isaac
  • Jacob dreams of a ladder
  • At Haran, Jacob marries Rachel and Leah, and has twelve sons
  • Jacob returns to Canaan
  • Joseph is sold as a slave, and is made governor of Egypt
  • Jacob and his family move to Egypt

Volume 3: Exodus from Bondage

  • Jacob's descendants become slaves in Egypt
  • Moses is adopted by Pharaoh's daughter
  • Moses sees a burning bush
  • God sends ten plagues
  • The Israelites leave Egypt and cross the Red Sea
  • God gives manna, water, and His law, with the Ten Commandments, in the wilderness

Volume 4: God's Tabernacle

  • God gives blueprints for the tabernacle
  • God sets up the priesthood
  • The Israelites make a golden calf
  • The tablets of stone are broken and God replaces them
  • The tabernacle is built Aaron and his sons become priests

Volume 5: God's Laws

  • The Israelites are numbered
  • The Levites are consecrated
  • God sends a plague with quail
  • Spies go into the Promised Land; the people refuse to enter and are forced to stay in the wilderness
  • Korah rebels
  • A bronze serpent is set up

Volume 6: Wilderness Wanderings

  • King Balak sends for Balaam
  • Balaam blesses Israel
  • Offerings are established for festal seasons
  • The tribes of Reuben and Gad settle in Gilead
  • Plans are made for the conquest of Canaan
  • Levitical cities and cities of refuge are established
  • Moses dies

Volume 7: The Promised Land

  • Spies scout Canaan
  • The Israelites cross the Jordan River
  • The Israelites conquer Jericho and Ai
  • Gibeonites trick Joshua
  • The sun and moon stand still
  • Hebron is given to Caleb
  • The land is divided among the tribes
  • Joshua dies

Volume 8: The Judges

  • Deborah and Barak win a battle
  • Gideon tests God with a fleece; his three hundred win a battle
  • Jephthah makes a foolish vow
  • Samson gets into trouble with Delilah and other Philistines
  • The Danites move northward and the tribe of Benjamin is almost destroyed
  • Ruth moves to Bethlehem and marries Boaz

Volume 9: The Nation Unites

  • Samuel is born and lives at the tabernacle
  • God calls Samuel
  • The Ark is captured
  • Samuel serves as judge
  • Saul becomes king
  • David is anointed
  • David fights Goliath
  • Jonathan and David become friends

Volume 10: The Warrior King

  • David hides from King Saul
  • Samuel dies
  • David lives with the Philistines
  • Saul dies
  • David becomes king David marries Bathsheba
  • David leads Israel in many wars

Volume 11: Israel's Golden Age

  • The Ark is returned to Israel
  • David plans to build a temple
  • David is kind to Mephibosheth
  • Absalom rebels against David
  • David numbers his people
  • Preparations are made to build the temple
  • Solomon becomes king

Volume 12: The Nation Divides

  • King David dies
  • Solomon rules as a wise king
  • Solomon builds the temple
  • Solomon becomes rich and famous
  • The queen of Sheba visits Solomon
  • Rehoboam becomes king and the ten tribes revolt
  • The nation divides into Judah and Israel, ruled by numerous kings

Volume 13: Prophecies and Miracles

  • Ahab rules as king
  • Elijah and the priests of Baal struggle on Mount Carmel
  • Elijah hears God speak at Mount Sinai
  • Naboth's vineyard is taken from him
  • A widow miraculously receives oil
  • A room is given to Elisha
  • Naaman the leper is healed
  • Jehu destroys Jezebel
  • Athaliah destroys the family of Joash
  • Joash becomes king

Volume 14: The Exile

  • King Uzziah offers incense
  • Israel, the northern kingdom, ends
  • Sennacherib invades Judah
  • Josiah becomes king and repairs the temple
  • The Book of the Law is found and read
  • Judah, the southern kingdom, ends and its people are taken into captivity

Volume 15: Return to the Land

  • Ezra returns to Jerusalem
  • Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem and builds the wall
  • The temple is rebuilt
  • Esther becomes queen
  • Haman tries to destroy Esther and her people, but Esther defeats him
  • Job is tested and is loyal to God

Volume 16: God's Prophets

  • Jeremiah is called to be a prophet
  • Jeremiah uses symbols to prophesy
  • Jeremiah is imprisoned and then freed
  • Daniel refuses the king's food
  • Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream
  • God protects three Hebrews in a fiery furnace
  • Belshazzar sees a great hand write at his feast
  • God protects Daniel in a lions' den
  • God teaches Jonah with a great fish

Volume 17: The Savior

  • Jesus is Born
  • Wise men visit Him
  • Jesus visits the temple
  • John the Baptist preaches
  • Jesus is baptized and tempted
  • Jesus visits a wedding at Cana
  • Jesus talks with a woman at a well
  • Jesus is rejected at Nazareth
  • Jesus teaches from a boat
  • Jesus gives the Sermon on the Mount

Volume 18

  • The Good Shepherd
  • The son of a widow at Nain is raised
  • Jesus tells about a sower
  • Jairus' daughter is raised
  • The twelve disciples are trained
  • Five thousand are fed
  • Jesus walks on water
  • Jesus helps a Canaanite woman
  • Jesus is transfigured

Volume 19: The Son of God

  • Jesus is the Light of the World
  • Jesus helps a blind man see
  • Jesus is the Good Shepherd
  • Jesus visits Mary and Martha
  • Jesus tells parables of a rich fool and a barren fig tree
  • Jesus tells about a lost sheep, a prodigal son and a lost coin
  • Lazarus is raised from death
  • Zacchaeus meets Jesus
  • Jesus enters Jerusalem triumphantly
  • A widow gives a mite to God

Volume 20: The Lord of Life

  • Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus
  • Jesus and His disciples eat the Last Supper
  • Jesus visits Gethsemane
  • Jesus is arrested and is tried before Pilate and Herod
  • Jesus is crucified
  • Jesus rises from death and appears to others

Volume 21: The Early Church

  • Jesus ascends to heaven
  • The Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost
  • Ananias and Sapphira lie to God
  • The apostles are arrested for preaching
  • Stephen is stoned
  • Philip teaches an Ethiopian
  • Saul is converted
  • Peter counsels with Cornelius
  • Peter is imprisoned

Volume 22: Journeys for Jesus

  • Paul goes on his first missionary journey
  • A council meets at Jerusalem
  • Paul goes on his second missionary journey
  • Paul visits Mars Hill
  • Paul visits Corinth and Ephesus
  • Demetrius the silversmith starts a riot
  • Eutychus falIs at Troas
  • Paul is arrested and tried before Felix and Festus
  • Paul appears before Agrippa and is sent to Rome, but is shipwrecked on the way
Large File Size Warning: Due to the photos included in this product, the download of this title is 100MB.
NOTE: This add-on is compatible with PC Study Bible Version 4 and 5. For it to operate, you must have a pre-installed Version 4 or 5 library.

The product photos shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only. All reference works are supplied on CD or via online download.

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Product Code: BOOKOFLIB00784

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The Book of Life - 22 Volumes $239.95

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