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Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament Series - Volumes 1–5


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The Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series provides pastors, students, and teachers with substantive yet accessible Bible commentaries. Each commentary includes the author's own translation of the Greek text and detailed interaction with the meaning of the text.

From the Series Preface
BECNT series editors Robert Yarbrough and Robert H. Stein open the Series Preface by stating, “The chief concern of the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) is to provide, within the framework of informed evangelical thought, commentaries that blend scholarly depth with readability, exegetical detail with sensitivity to the whole, and attention to critical problems with theological awareness.”

However, the BECNT is certainly not a scholars-only commentary. Yarbrough and Stein go on to state, “Nevertheless, a major purpose is to address the needs of pastors and others involved in the preaching and exposition of the Scriptures as the uniquely inspired Word of God. This consideration affects directly the parameters of the series. For example, serious biblical expositors cannot afford to depend on a superficial treatment that avoids the difficult questions, but neither are they interested in encyclopedic commentaries that seek to cover every conceivable issue that may arise. Our aim, therefore, is to focus on those problems that have a direct bearing on the meaning of the text.”

Make a significant upgrade to the theological and exegetical depth of your PC Study Bible library with this highly-acclaimed commentary series.

Bundled titles include:

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Regularly $550.00
1 Corinthians
Regularly $550.00
1 Peter
Regularly $550.00
Regularly $550.00



Gospel of John

By Andreas J. Kostenberger

New Testament scholar Dr. Andreas Kostenberger presents comprehensive and up-to-date analysis through, a thorough introduction to John and the topics relevant to its interpretation, and verse-by-verse exposition followed by technical notes. In the commentary proper, he introduces and translates each exegetical unit. When dealing with particularly problematic sections, he draws a range of interpretations from a broad spectrum of commentators before offering his own understanding.

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By Thomas R. Schreiner

Pauline scholar Thomas Schreiner presents a fresh analysis of the substantive Book of Romans. Each exegetical unit of this commentary is divided into four parts of: (1) introduction, thematic summary and structural outline; (2) translation; (3) paragraph-by-paragraph exegesis and exposition; and (4) additional notes that comment on unique themes of a passage, interpretive problems, textual variants, and other critical issues.

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1 Corinthians

By David E. Garland

Winner of the 2004 Christianity Today Award of Merit in the Biblical Studies category! Rich in implications for congregational life and practice, 1 Corinthians remains among Paul’s most important and controversial epistles. Garland’s accessible new volume in the Baker Exegetical Commentary offers verse-by-verse insight, with an able grasp of the issues confronting Paul’s Greco-Roman readers, in this complex time and setting.

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1 Peter

By Karen H. Jobes

In this newest addition to the acclaimed BECNT series, respected New Testament scholar Karen H. Jobes provides a fresh commentary on 1 Peter. True to the aims of the series, this volume is academically sophisticated as well as pastorally sensitive and accessible. Included is Jobes’s own translation of the Greek text and detailed interaction with the meaning of the text and valuable background of first century church life.

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By Grant R. Osborne

Grant Osborne’s commentary masterfully interprets the text of Revelation while introducing readers to the perspectives of contemporary scholarship in a clear and accessible manner. Osborne begins with a thorough introduction to Revelation and the many difficulties involved in its interpretation. He then examines larger sections in order to locate and emphasize the writer’s central message. Finally he explores the theological implications and draws conclusions in an accessible pastor-friendly manner.

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This add-on is compatible with PC Study Bible Version 5 libraries. For it to operate, your computer must have a pre-installed Version 5 library. If an existing PC Study Bible program is not installed, a program-only version will be installed to run this add-on content. This add-on will not install or work properly with any pre-installed PC Study Bible program prior to Version 5.

The product photos shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only. All reference works are supplied on CD or via online download.

This is a bundle of the following products:

  • 1 of Baker Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel of John ($49.95 value!)
  • 1 of Baker Exegetical Commentary on 1 Corinthians ($54.95 value!)
  • 1 of Baker Exegetical Commentary on Romans ($54.95 value!)
  • 1 of Baker Exegetical Commentary on 1 Peter ($39.95 value!)
  • 1 of Baker Exegetical Commentary on Revelation ($54.95 value!)

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